“The American President(1995) ” -Prompts US Presidential Election 2016

...he should not halt with "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Emphasize, where America has slipped and that "traditional American values" are gone awry. Question the model of leadership as an order for truth requests pure accountability ...


Impressions Upon a Muse- a.k.a Ernest M. Hemingway

"He was never wanting in inspiration. He loves the wild of the sea, the symbolism there is in the desert that which bunked Kilimanjaro mountains, and a fitting display of the remnant of a hard fight there is in war witnessed as a volunteer paramedic driver. The rounds with alcoholism were downplayed publicly in his lifetime more than his love for fishing, boxing, bullfighting and guns. In fact, he is known for a drink or two as he writes and never more.The name game of bar studio evening revelries appeared to add up to the rich additives operating the characters in the stories that came until the muse leaves a blank space in his struggle for more."

remembring relatives who passed on

Pain- The Losing Game

"In a loss, we grieve. Like poetry, dawns and twilights are the times we hold on to remember the losses in family members. We hurt when a young boy not quite in his prime passes on, and we say, "he could have had more that life can offer." And when someone departs almost past several scores, we do not count the years. We remember what blessings he had in his youth and the wisdom he in his years foretold."