Three Reasons Your Last Relationship Didn’t Work

in the US, there are about 40%-50% chances of a divorce during first marriages. It leads to a shocking follow up by registering a 60% probability of getting out of the second relationship.


Evergreen On-Screen Jodis Of Indian Television We Draw Heart On

" characters are in scenarios where individual families, love, and marriage cultures are the primary focus. It has touches of cultural snippets that somehow pitch into the inevitable conflict between the lead characters. The TV series figures well among their Indian viewers. It articulates well of an Indian Jodi (defined by the Urban Dictionary as someone amazing and randomly the best person one can ever meet)."

remembring relatives who passed on

Pain- The Losing Game

"In a loss, we grieve. Like poetry, dawns and twilights are the times we hold on to remember the losses in family members. We hurt when a young boy not quite in his prime passes on, and we say, "he could have had more that life can offer." And when someone departs almost past several scores, we do not count the years. We remember what blessings he had in his youth and the wisdom he in his years foretold."