Brushing A Way Out Of Hair Loss- Essential Oil Extracts

Of the common hair disorders, alopecia (thinning of hair ) ranks number one. The sale of oil extracts from herbs, fruits, flowers and plants ( essential oils), preventing hair loss gets a partner.


A Spring Challenge- Pressure Cleaning With Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Followed by any other time, Spring cleaning is when the pressure washer gets extra busy. De trop in the form of residues brought about by the different seasons can dump dust, mud, grime, pollen, mildew, and the air pollutants that come as grease and grime. The house drops to a point when paint needs attending to...

flowers and hearing

AROMA THERAPY- Flowers and the Elements of Cure

Flowers portray  significant roles in an approach to remind modern day medicine the human senses as robots of curative care. No small wonder then that most of those into AROMA THERAPY (use of oil extracts from flowers for their scent  to relieve symptoms) commercial selling  bandwagon  are nurses, doctors and physical therapists, all from the medical field. … Continue reading AROMA THERAPY- Flowers and the Elements of Cure