Brushing A Way Out Of Hair Loss- Essential Oil Extracts

Hair is the crowning glory of the human body. It holds blood cells that regrow more than any other cells in the body. At an average, it stretches in length two inches in a month. Mainly composed of keratin, its status stems from heredity, environment, physical health, and care. The Greeks used herbs to maintain a healthy glowing hair. Of the common hair disorders, alopecia (thinning of hair )  ranks number one. Surprisingly, the sale of oil extracts from herbs, fruits, flowers and plants ( essential oils), preventing hair loss gets a partner.

A case of alopecia

There are pertinent factors that predispose an individual to alopecia. It can damage hair permanently:

  • Genetics- from parents.
  • Medication- (diabetes /blood pressure).
  • Unhealthy environment.
  • Age /hormonal factors.
  • Use of harsh conditioners and shampoo.
  • Application of curling irons.
  • Medical treatments  (chemotherapy, steroids, acne, heart disease).
  • Eating habits (lack of iron, biotin, zinc needed for hair growth).

Presently, the proliferation of natural based products in the form of oils extracts from herbs and fruits are signifying success. Similarly, E-commerce trade of oil extracts houses a selection of essential oils known to possess a medicinal cure. It holds a stock of essential oils that can boost cure for thinning hair (alopecia).

Natural oils lead the work

Named among the essential oils for a healthy hair are as follow:

  • Lavender oil- has a regenerative quality that when applied to the scalp promotes hair growth; treats scalp from itching due to dandruff.
  • Basil-  stimulates circulation in the blood vessels ( scalp area) and provides nourishment for the hair roots.
  • Rosemary-dilates blood vessels and stimulates hair follicles to grow new hair.
  • Eucalyptus-often used in shampoos encourages a revitalized dry and dull hair and stimulate the growth of new ones.
  • Peppermint- aside from stimulating blood vessels in the scalp and provide nourishment to it, peppermint prevents the growth of parasites (lice ) and acts as an anti-fungal treatment for the scalp and stops hair loss.
  • Clary sage- treats scalp sores, and controls the production of sebum (fat) that causes acne in the scalp area.
  • Thyme-promotes healthier hair and makes it shiny.
  • Coconut oil acts as a conditioner and repairs damaged hair, stimulate growth by providing protein.
  • Thyme- provides stimulation of hair follicles that rejuvenates growth of hair.
  • Rosewood- while it is expensive to extract oil from it, it contains over 300. compounds that are good for the skin that is equally beneficial to the human hair.

Oil extracts also own pre-mixed bottles of essential oils marketed to stimulate hair growth. These include topical applications, conditioner, and shampoo.

The approach to use oil extracts as the preventive and remedial cure to hair loss is imperative. A medical procedure such as hair transplants does not normally give the prolonged result of normal hair. Often, they skyrocket in price. Essential oils can be bought and prepared at home. It points to the cheapest alternative to the problem of thinning hair. And yes, it does not take much to mix oils that complement in properties to attain a healthy hair upkeep.

Photo: A woman losing hair after giving birth. ( all rights reserved t the original owners).


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