When The Brand Challenge Takes To The Skies, Fly Economy Nonetheless.

Years and years of flying experience will answer to how far amenity kits offered during flights have evolved. Companies affix them as one of the gifts that the airlines proffer to the faithful fliers, a souvenir that favors a pleasant flight. Label the trip as long, perhaps, to Europe from the US or vice verse.

Rimativa, Gucci, brands have popped up, all promising a class of difference in whatever plane one habituates. There is plainly something that these travel cases own as the race in getting customers to fly transmits a sense of unique lifestyle. To speak the least, high-end branding is what you merit for the extra flight class or an upgrade. And yes,  you need a definite rank of travel, but not economy class.

 Amenity kits zooming in

The traditional air plugs, socks, and washcloths are cheap items matched to what airline companies append to their amenity satchels. This is obvious when you fly on board an aircraft to destinations wherever in the world. An upgrade kind of, it determines how you match the contents of the amenity kit doled out via the kind of your ticket ride. Reasonably, they have appeared as items from name brand companies. They further tend as commercial or advertisement pieces for both the airline company and the designer brands.

Socks, dental floss, paste, eye pads, cologne, lotion, soap, pen, and paper or a washcloth, in form they come. They escort a flight that offers you sheer comfort as the plane traverses on a long escape to the Americas or down the Europen ski centers maybe.

 The brand match

All plane travelers except economy class, the flying business pampers.  Interestingly, star brands that register in the top comfort bags include Pro-Radiance hand and Nail Cream, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, Lip Balm from Elemis, Pouches by Aesop, an exclusive fragrance by Bulgari. Packed goods by Jurlique stashed in pouches by Hongkong-based Seventy-Eight OPercent PJ and loungewear packed with beauty kits and Giorgio Armani’s cosmetic pouches. They make up the branding that the airline industry displays.

 Economy class on the rebound

For a while, these amenities are for the higher spending plane ticket buyers who can come as first class, business class, premium or in the case of Iceland Air, the saga class flyers. If your transport in an economy class, then forget it.

Rejoice, in recent months, the economy class passengers have been getting the share of these gifts from the MER 3 carriers namely Emirates,  an airline based in Dubai, Etihad Airways, an air company based in Abu Dhabi, and Qatar Airways, based in Qatar. It comes as a news as many has lost fate in the industry that separates passengers by chopping comfort into a class.

If you are a vacationist from the cities where the following plane companies have connections and ports, celebrate as well. You get that amenity container. Yes, select airline companies still attend to economy class passengers.

Consider flight distance, perhaps you deserve the gift at least.

Photo: Etihad Air Economy Class Amenity kit. (all rights reserved to the original owners).


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