Growing Up With Music and the Styles Emerging

sarah_wallpaper_33Some thoughts just spark on music while growing up

Up in an afternoon rise from six hours of sleep. Woke up to the ED SULLIVAN SHOW- a DVD that just came from the mail. It holds all the famous groups and solo singers who had graced his shows. A throwback evening to a circa of growing up in a house with an aunt passing afternoons sewing with this music played for an hour. This was aired on a radio station billed MUSIC AND MEMORIES. I was a captive listener.

Music while growing up recaptured

Then was, jukeboxes like the other kids, I was quick to memorize songs constantly played over the jukeboxes. To Sir With Love, Born Free, Sealed With a Kiss, songs from THE SOUND OF MUSIC are well remembered….fast forward…a playback of SARAH BRIGHTMAN (married to broadway director WEBBER)is on. The opera singer dishing out I Don’t Know How to love Him, You Take My Breath Away,  is inevitable.Still at a lost on how an opera singer hitting the highest notes can sport the style in an arrangement of BILLY JEAN, DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA, STARLIGHT EXPRESS….

Relating to music growing up

The boss does love ENYA (that I go for!)… In the end, Sarah acknowledges her audience with an acoustic reverberating like an echo reminding me of recorded greetings and prompts as I approach different train stops in the subways of New York! When AVE MARIA, THE PRAYER come up that bring in Grosh Roban, Charlotte Church, and a duet with PLACIDO DOMINGO, the EXPERIENCE switches totally to a different music hour in the house..with a laugh, I tell him, this is the second time I become a captive listener! The please is in the deity type of costumes ( period costumes which Webber is a genius of), that I know….this attraction jumps to another music- video watch- featuring the MOROCCO House at EPCOT, a normal follow to Sarah BRIGHTMAN – the SEEMLY BELLY DANCERS. Play ball, so the sports channel declares! A slow transition to a busy night at work comes after.

Photo : Sarah Brightman (all rights reserved to the original owners).


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