When In Paris, Don’t Let Your Slips Show

 Swedish university seniors can count steps in the whole village echoing a yell to vent out in the middle of the night. And how about a crowd who dismisses pursuing someone to establish connections? These are correlations you can fit with the prevailing inclinations amongst the Parisians. In the domain of practice patterns among French, findings show that the resentment to yelling and the lack of wooing in winning a lady are imperative. They are similarly identified as reserved and admit to an objection to personalities who run like strangers in the romantic city of Paris. They certainly count acting cool as unusual. Of course, you seek to mix in, hold the beauty that Paris brings without revealing yourself.

Keep on
Be ready to respond with bonjour after seven at night (before that time, you are a tourist). Master short phrases like bonjour and Merci. Do a bisou (kiss) just one time with a man or a woman. Meanwhile, when you double kiss on the cheeks, you are a tourist. No loud noise while catching the Metro. Read map on side of the street, not on the street.

A color telltale
Parisians hate big and bold colors. Shun from loud colors. Stay away from whites. Neither socks in white on white shoes. Don primaries like red.

Character branding
As you escort along the Paris streets, yonder should be no camera around your neck nor bear a big size backpack. Certainly, bypass tourist-laden areas like Eiffel /Tower of Champ Elysees.  Moreover, no to brandings like big authentic shoes, no sneakers, no sandals and no brand names and glaring logos in anything you wear.

Say mademoiselle 
Ladies, carry your hair perpetually in a coiffure. Don’t reveal your paunch, however, wear a wrist watch. No strings. Please do away with layers, wear a scarf. Monsieur, when particulars are done, don’t shift on French model figures in billboards. They cross signboards with the newest Louis Vuitton purses. They emerge with a decollete leaving nothing to the imagination. This excessively tags you the tourist. A woman’s breasts then too, are the least regard in France – just a fraction of the personal anatomy and nothing more.

Your slips, don’t show, you are in Paris.

Photo : THe METRO Sign- Takcork. (all rights reserved to the original owners).


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