Get Into A Swiss European Holiday Spirit; Zurich Christmas Pyramid Awaits

iPhoto: Pinterest (all rights reserved to the owners).

Dreaming of a  Swiss European Christmas holiday spree? How about a swim at the Limmat with  6-8 degrees water temperature? And this one, a Swarovski crystal made tree ornament, fondue huts, and trams, Lucy lights, free mulled Swiss wine (Agluhwein), Raclettean (melted cheese), acrobats, poetry? Add the Zurich Christmas Pyramid and you will have the best Swiss Christmas 2016. The addition of the pyramid tree caps the spectacle you put into a Christmas holiday. The famous  Pyramid Christmas Tree of the Swiss people holds history as well as symbolism connected with  the Advent

Zurich Christmas Pyramid in the making

It does not compete with the annual tree installed facing the Rockefeller Building  (NY, NY) in terms of elevation but the ornaments which mesh with the holidays that you will surely cherish. Standing 8.50 meters tall at the Stadelhofen Train Station cum Shopping Center, the tree is a design by expert carpenters who are likewise miners from the Ore Mountain (Erzgebirge), Switzerland during the middle ages. The very first decorations are characters from the Bible carved out of wood then painted. It now evolved into a tree with additional themes that are primarily scenes of the nativity. The born messiah, the wise men, the shepherds,  and sheep paying respect to the born Jesus are typical of the characters. Still, others include the intricately,  carved angels rejoicing.

Ornament layout

Now standard among the Swiss houses, ( Weihnachtspyramide”) the shelves inside the pyramid-like tree are the well-known form of a display. The nativity scene holds the lowest bottom shelf and the star or a pine cone crowns its top. Mixed themes have emerged its set-up despite its authentic Swiss bearing flash through the years.

The Christmas Pyramid in Zurich is a popular attraction at the Stadelhofen train station/shopping depot. Remarkably, it draws about 140 train runs of commuters daily.



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