‘Missing 9’ To Hit 20% Tv Ratings; Chanyeol Swaps 1 Kiss Offer in Return

Chanyeol guarantees a kiss for each fan as he retains a high expectation for Missing 9. The artist wants 20 % in of viewers’ reception as the survival drama starts airing on January 18, 2017. It is quite an expectation. However, per observers, it holds a promise For one, it will break loose from the medical and sageuk drama trends that inundated the tv drama airtime towards the end of 2016 per Allkpop. The Goblin and Solomon’s Perjury, for example, deviate by delivering the sense of magic and a skillful use of students taking the role of investigators to a crime where no adults are committed to the process.

Hope, no doubt runs high for this coming survival drama. What with the extensive promotional details and concepts married into it?
Besides, to hold the audience curiosity, there is a live feed where the fans can catch what is going on while the production is in the process of filming. Koogletv  writes that via Conket  mobile tv app, fans can control with their smartphones, in fact, Google tv drafts that this is directly in use beginning January 12, 2017.

Discussions with the cast early this month that direct at showing how pragmatic the storyline unfolds actual life takes led to the discovery of little hacks that the characters can take while on an island filming. The account earns quite big at attracting viewer’s interest as the feeds ignite curiosity to the survival genre.

Similarly, is the exchanges it stirs as the characters lament on discomforts like shortages of the real food supply they are used to. Add the limitations of doing personal routines like clothes washing and the restrictions grow into a series. realities which grab the audience in disbelief. Curiosity stirred, they will and surely hold those clickers stay put on the Missing 9 drama.

This early, many would observe Chanyeol as a hard sell in the production. His fans will recognize how well he plays another celebrity ( like most fans regard him in other dramas) whilst starring as a lead, a cute gigolo for a group called Dreamers, Likewise, he sounds cool to all ladies as he appears as a visual for the group. With drunk driving in his record, he can’t simply answer to it so evitably, what transpires is, he twists blaming others for the offense.

As far as storyline is treated, it has all the aces as it breaks the medical and sageuk drama trends that flooded tv airtimes in 2016. For a variety, it takes the island for its setting and survival for its universal truth spin per Allkpop.Another item that will surely keep the drama enthusiasts eager for Missing 8 is the interest it garners having to turnabout from one title to another since the project’s inception last year. To recall, the drama has Kim da Bin, Angry Mom, Han Jung Hoon and Police Squad 38 among the collection of titles it desired to adopt.

Should the drama get what Exo’s Chanyeol is expecting, that dramatic kiss will follow ( all day) in front of SM studios, the company responsible for Missing 9’s Tv runs every Wednesday and Thursday.

Photo: Youtube-Movie2017


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