Three Reasons Your Last Relationship Didn’t Work


Living with someone kicks off with the expectation that you and your partner will stay together forever. However, in the US, there are about 40%-50% chances of a divorce during first marriages. It leads to a shocking follow up by registering a 60% probability of getting out of the second relationship. Per the number of failed marriages that bring forth problems in dysfunctional families, the causes of failure are disturbing. To someone like you, who have been through a fallen last relationship, you plausibly hope that you gain a lifetime partner. The prospect that you will stay on the trail looking for the right one to be with and last a lifetime is not impossible.

There are a number of causes that point to why your last relationship did not work out. Three of them are as follows.

The last relationship, a no priority

When you first got together, the early years normally were like a honeymoon stage. But as soon as jobs, parental roles, among others set in, you engrossed in learning to fend for the kids, maintaining the house upkeep and everything that has to do with the family’s daily living. The partnership did not come first anymore when there were fewer occasions spent with each other. Because there remains likewise, important times allocated earning for the house and the kids’ keep, you hardly bothered about you mate. Significantly, the strain of too much work puts you to ignore your partner’s needs.The priority sidetracked to the kids and domestic responsibilities. The fact that you were a couple was lost. Consequently, you grew apart from your partner because you appear not set on the relationship basic- the genuine reason yourself and your significant other got together as a pair in the first place.

Communication, wanting

One of the most weighed factors why your last relationships failed was for you not having time to talk to your significant other. You missed realizing that saying a simple hello and I love you can add flavor to keeping the relationship going. It also goes well with how you approached your partner to be heard. Similarly, you fell short of knowing that arguments were part of a relationship but yelling more than winning in a quarrel sets the cord off the real essence of communication. The fact is, of all the factors considered as causes of most divorces in the US, communication ranks number one.

Falling out of love-

You fell out of love when you no longer held the same fire of demand in being together. You rouse to irritate and lost the respect.It was the stage when you utterly cannot stand being the other component in the relationship and the sense of belonging had gone dry. Low tolerance for your partner’s oversight became evident while a warm feeling and a judgmental position were not absent anywhere in the relationship. It is an opposite scenario when you were a new couple, who expressed emotional caring that happened almost regularly and instantaneously.

Knowing why your last relationship failed can redirect your expectations while looking forward to a new partnership goals. Acknowledge which ones you are at fault.. They can steer you to a better relationship next time around.




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