How ‘The King’ Pockets 13.2 M At The Box Office

*Photo: Youtube- (Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films) Jo-In-Sung, Jung Woo-Sung and Ryu Joon Yeol attend the advance screening of the ‘The King” that earned 13.2 million at the box office in January this year.


Avid motion picture fans pin their attention to a crime thriller as they laid out the red carpet for the ‘The King’, on the second week of January. As a series of teasers and press releases stormed the social media in November last year, the movie promised a strong pull at the tills. It remained in the same standing via the reception it got from the followers who attended the advance screening soon after the holidays.The productions’ effort to reach an enthusiastic audience paid off as it pocketed a 13.2 billion at the box office. How did the action-packed movie do it?

Significantly, right at the start of the promotions, the film closely-held film followers in captivity. The cast bespoke of a working team who knew exactly how each and their co-actors ended in understanding their role in the movie that talks about power and supremacy. Similarly, the flick stamps on how one driven by ambition will do everything to get where he wants to drive to.

Moreover, the audience enthusiastically awaited the lead character (Jo In Sung) who speaks of power and what he does to pin the hopes of using and getting it. What came as a strong point in the production is how it envisions its cast. Once the character line up were drafted, each knows exactly how to make their acts very convincing.

In an interview video conducted as part of the film’s promo, the cast together with its director, Han Jae Rim unveils how they viewed their roles in the film. Throughout the initial meet up with Jo In Sung, the director remarks, he understood he has the greedy for power and very character in him. Overhearing this, Jo In-sung asserts that while executing the role he felt that he can’t take the set too lightly, neither can he act it out too seriously either. He further states that the role demands a balance of the two inputs.

Ryu Joon Yeol on his part takes extra effort to perfect Jeolla language plus make his character realistic. He acknowledges the fact that there was someone who spoke the language in his home and appends that that was very helpful. He unearths the fact that he had to act with senior actors in the film and states that were a burden he had to be motivated with so he could come up with an act that that of a gangster along with his senior’s co-actors in the film.

The film graced the theater screens January 18, 2017. that picked up 1.85 million in viewer admissions.


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