Swara Bhaskar Says Yes; Police Movie Soon to Film

Photo: Youtube-BMF.

It looks like Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar has pulled a personal crusade that she carries along with her social crusade outside the cinema now on to the big screen.She inked a contract to star in a new film along the police storyline per Deccan chronicle. Conversely, movie buffs can recall that she grabbed the headlines last year when she condemned the police operations opposite student protesters put through the issue of justice in the suicide death of a Dalit student, Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad Central University. What were controversial tweets and Facebook posts for the actress may now see some light while she links with the world of the law enforcers as lead characters in a flick put forth to her lately.

Accordingly, the star took the movie assignment in gratis. She reasons out that accepting a role in a film that tackles about the law enforcers is something worth heeding. For one she states, rare are the chances that deal with such subject in a film that is to hit the big screen erstwhile this year.

Moreover what will be very interesting is, how her followers will glue on to the project as they see Swara Bhaskar  reprises a role that would deal with the uniformed men whom she condemns on the way they consequently dealt with students protesters after the Ph.D. student’s death according to TimesofIndia. He wrote in his suicide note that the Dalit group of university students were never treated fairly like the other student groups studying in the campus. The actress apparently didn’t approve of the police assault on the protesting students.

How Swara Bhaskar  will tackle the role being in the company of police characters in the movie whom she felt a bit apprehensive (prior to) touching their role as law enforcers is a good watch among Telugu movie fans.The big screen project  under the helm of director Karmik Varma will have a working title, Hawa Baldo. The film foresees exhibition into the various film festivals worldwide.


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