Joli Is Dead Set On Divorce From Brad

Brad- Joli photo: You Tube-ABC News.

After just celebrating their second wedding anniversary in September this year, Angelina Joli and Brad Pit are in a roughcast over spending Christmas with their seven kids as separate parents. It comes as a sad note to their numerous fans who have kept an eye on the buzzes about this high profile Hollywood family. Strikingly, this is very detached from the holiday vacations the family has spent over the years.

Many onlookers who adore the couple remember those island cruising years in Europe and constant plane rides to Somali where Angelina has taken a humanitarian cause to monitor. It includes a family Christmas vacation at a whopping 18,000$ a night in a nine-bedroom villa, one private chef, spas, in a resort surrounded by mini pagoda in Amanpuri Thailand. In July this year, a picture perfect Pit family showed up on papers with the eldest  Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox leaving a grocery store stuffed with supplies ready for the 4th of July celebration in London. Their parents were in casual but very fashionable summer get-ups loading their buys in a green Tesla. Just recently in September, the family had a big bash as the couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary

This year, Joli spares no effort.The kids are to stay with her the whole day on Thanksgiving. Reports have it that it is likely a compromise that Pit will have the kids with him on another day possibly Friday.  In fact, the Inquisitr-has circulated that the kids will be with their mother come to Thanksgiving Day. It will also point to the same holiday in a house rental in Malibu where she and the kids have been staying since the couple’s separation in September. The children have been reported missing their home in Luz Tropez in La where Brad pit remained after the family squabble.

They have moved to different parts of the world with stays in London. They are however very visible grocery shopping in La where they were seen spending a lot of times together before the family break up.

With Thanksgiving plans laid out, the kids will have to have another family arrangement come Christmas as the year closes. It is likely too that the Pit children will have to settle spending other holidays forthcoming with separate parents.




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