How Pop-up Dining Can Make Your Star Rating Thumbs Down

Pop-up dining has turned into one of the up-to-the-minute bearings in the restaurant business. The eating standard is a mini restaurant that operates in non-commercial and industrial places such as but not limited to warehouses, galleries, bigger restaurants, plaza, functioning breweries, outside parks, farms, or gallerias.

It is a type of experience provided by food entrepreneurs in line with the onset of downsizing cost in the food industry. Similarly, its use is common amongst food business industrialists who are tight in budget nonetheless can still showcase their food specialties. This variety of food vending does not have a permanent location. It maneuvers in a public space. Some are held like events that run for several hours in a hotel lobby. Still, a few come about in any area that can be vacant for a short number of hours. This way, the operator spends lesser rate. No monthly rental fees, no permanent staff to hire that costs benefits. In a nutshell, it is food business eliminating the high cost of a continuing space to serve costumers food.

Not the typical business layout

Also known underground dining, it has made skeptics wary about its operation. Some concerns are:

  • Violation of the health zoning put on restaurants. It is so because most of them can pop up in any area which does not necessarily stamped as food consumption is like old buildings, garages, and warehouse.
  • The absence of a business license
  • There is no clear abeyance to regulations

The freedom excuses

It t is the trendiest dining experience in 2016.Many like you use it to save some money so they can put up a bigger restaurant business in the future. It also points to you gaining independence from bosses which are typically set up in the restaurant business. You are not tied up to a work schedule compared to the tradition brick and mortar dining business. Above all, you can connect to your customers in the most personal manner. You allow yourself to experiment with ingredients that are locally marketed often cheaper as you obtain them directly from growers, no middle man needed.

Thumbs down rating possible

While the idea to put up a movable feast dining associated with eating ala underground feasting seems to be a good catch among eclectic diners; you the operator may run the risk of becoming an unwanted persona in the business community. You may see your food service rating thumbs down.You can fall into pop-up dining loopholes  that are the same but not limited to:

Crafting event by invitation only- this does not cater well to the opportunities of presenting a food experience for everybody. It becomes so exclusive that totals to limiting others the chance to experience not a traditional dining hour

Billing for attendance – this happens upon completion of the reservation. With or without the patron, the bill goes through regardless. While it may be included in the invitation mechanics, it is not fair to the paying restaurant gourmet dinners.

Charging for extra riders like music in the event you as the operator may aptly go beyond what is to pay for- the food. Billing for music thought of as an experience enhancer defeats the objective of the event- to dine. So the food is what the patrons came for primarily.

Serving food not inspected by certified personnel- in your passion for serving food right off the farm, ingredients such as meat might not have gone through the inspection by duly assigned staff. The public is likely on the losing end should food harbor unhealthy contaminants.

Be adventurous, save on cost but let your guards still. Make your patrons’ food safety be your lead.

Photo: SeriousEats. ( all rights reserved to the owners).


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