When Allergies Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

In the US, one out of five in a population of over fifty million experience allergies. Allergies occur in humans when the immune system- a system of nerves, cells, tissues,  and organs that function together reacts to allergens (elements that trigger allergic reactions). They identify as guardians for body cell invaders recognized as microbes, bacteria, parasites or fungi. Introduce infection to the human body they can,  so quickly. So active the network is that it could detect an attacker even if it is not. This concerted action ignites an allergic outbreak. It is the body’s natural answer to fighting diseases.

Types of allergies

Allergens can cause you to feel uneasy.  Several of them include ingested food,  dust inhaled or skin contact, rhinitis (nasal) allergies, drugs or medication,  insects like bees and roaches, latex gloves used in clinical settings follow the series. While a  lot more adds to the list, most allergies occur in consonance with an asthma  attack. Asthma is marked by shortness of breath, wheezing, swelling and mucous fluid in the lungs.These add to the discomfort you with allergies can submit to.

Battling allergies

When you have allergies, you can not ask for anything but be comfortable. The uneasiness can extend to:

  • Problems in deep breathing
  • Night coughs
  • Muggy nose
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Wheezing sounds in the chest
  • Tightness in the chest

Exposure to dust pollen or pets triggers normal breathing difficulties. Eyes can be puffy teary eyed and burn. Breathing issues are most severe when weather switches. It is so too when you are around strong odors like detergents, tobacco, aerosols, smoke, and fumes.

The red signs of allergies

Most allergy treatments are through antihistamines that can avert discomfort.You will feel uncomfortable when rashes, chronic inflammation in the sinuses, digestive system, breathing airways break. These can be detrimental likewise.When allergic reactions occur more often, they can damage bodily tissues,    by the numbers. Other severe allergic responses can cause diarrhea and nausea( especially with ingested food, rashes, and hives that typically figure on the skin. Anaphylactic reaction, the most dangerous of all the symptoms guarded in allergies can kill. It can generate inability of the affected tissues to perform functions for the body initially.

Knowing the elements that initiate an allergic reaction is first and foremost. Avoiding exposure to them is secondary. Taking the prescribed antidotes like antihistamines, using inhalers and topical medications when allergies strike is well meaning for you with a known allergy. And yes with a basic knowledge of allergy symptoms and treatment, one can live with it comfortably.

Allergy Image is a courtesy photo: CropmeClub  (All rights reserved to the original owners).


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