Hooking Up With the Cupcake Generation

Hooking Up With the Cupcake Generation

The urban dictionary describes a cupcake generation as a bunch of grown-up college students who are spoiled. Also known as snowflakes, cry babies,  whinnies or tantrum kiddos, they remain protected all their lives. The absence of personal accountability is a case thrown against them. They are born with parents who are creeping copycats of the helicopter parents, a branding famous among baby boomers. They are “safe-spaces” seekers.

Zooming in on the “snowflakes”crop
They grew up with the idea that everyone deserves a reward. Chances and options are abundant that everyone needs to go for them. If frustrations come along; it is not the individual’s liability but the community. The tantrum babies let emotions rule more than reason in their daily interactions. Today, people also speak to them as pampered children. Growing up, their parents shield them from anything that causes them harm.

A switch of parenting styles
Children who belong to the tantrum kiddos are products of a child rearing that results to the idea of close guarding. Most of these parents are fathers and mothers who grew after the post depression and baby boomers. The group follows the Millennials who are at the moment active members of the workforce. While they have characteristics distinct in their group, the cry baby generation is now the center of most parenting and socio-cultural interactions. Observers confirm that snowflakes generation society as the prime cause of their failure or success. The rank of baby boomers bred by the post-depression American family has a strong influence on their character. The “silent generation ” likewise designed a culture of nurturing that profoundly affected the birth of parents who devised the practice of a cubicle known as the safe space- patronizing- peers. The crowd similarly links to the massive shift from technical to managerial studies. Their premier choice is to acquire degrees that translate to white collar jobs. Significantly, they are leaving  technological and skilled education that the millennials had pursuits on.

The plus side of the cry -baby breed
The surge of the generation snowflakes points to a verifiable statistics that confirms better-behaved children. They pride with a more focused attitude compared to those ahead of them. The problems of crime, rate of pregnancies among girls in their teens, and use of alcohol among adolescents point to remarkable low levels. They set a record high in college cost and pay rate compared to the earlier tougher generations.

At the moment, the whiny batch needs a closer watch.They have no meme (teen jargon) for what suffering means. The push button luxury brought nearly by an influx of technology that advances comfort too easy for the grabs. There is an alerting use of marijuana posed by the legalization of its value among several states. They contribute to the number of unemployed as they have abandoned their opportunity to a technically-skilled- job ( highly in demand).Their notion of fulfillment is to become managers and anything that relates to white collar jobs. It comes as the future of  button-down jobs is small. It is attributed to technical-based- fields bouncing back as a result of robotics and automation in the labor force.

Now the take
The cupcake brood, pampered and sheltered springs the necessity for careful monitoring. They command an environment that is personally safe not by their standard but one open to diversity in culture. That their perception of anything that hurts is detrimental to their pursuit of success is a notion that requires restraint. There is further a dictate to address the parenting styles associated with the cry babies. Learning institutions are bound to ease the association with being safe via activities that foster independence and personal choice.

Observers feel that the society should be sensitive to the effects of decisions imposed on the environment where cupcakes thrive . Social or cultural events that generate unsafe personal spaces transform them into a visceral more than cerebral human beings. As media profoundly influences their reality guide to survival, an honest and factual delivery is a must.

Cupcake generation image is a courtesy photo (all rights reserved to the owners).



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