Trump Hurdles NYC Blue Win on the Side

The New York election map wore blue in the US Elections 2016, but that didn’t nudge Donald Trump into the sidelights. He was a close run in the other states during the presidential race. The photo finishes bound to show his presence felt one more time. What does one expect as the high-profile resident of NYC 725 5th Avenue New York, NY, shifts to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC in his entire presidency?

Watch the video here:

The city trails a head-start
After surprising New Yorkers with a win, it looks like Donald Trump, duly elected President of the US will take the city with yet another wonder. The city dwellers need to put up with a shift in lifestyle while he is in office. Over a month til he assumes the post, already the New Yorkers are bracing the political presence of this 5th Avenue resident. His next-door neighbors within and off the block are to tussle their way to the other streets nearby to get through. Sadly, the win ushers an abrupt change to the lives of the ordinary New Yorker, business men, skilled workers, immigrants seeking a taste of the Big Apple towards that American dream.

The NYC takes a bite
Tourists by now understand Trump’s election as something to follow. Compare life in the City That Never Sleeps as their numbers project to double. Everyone will flock to the prime Metropolis despite the sight of street and building constructions records no end. His win ignites a new form of a street parliamentarian pro, and against his dominant triumph and the policies he promises to fulfill. The New Yorkers will likewise put up with a baggage of discomfort as they go on their daily businesses. On the other hand, the upon that badge of a renewed interest in his politics of change, he will carry upon his occupancy of the White House. Barring threats of immigrant trenching, fear of street rallies, changes in health care and a less dependent Wall Street economy, the ordinary New Yorker gets a lifestyle overhaul in Trump’s four years (maybe more as he hints in his victory speech) of the presidency.

Cruising through the ordinary
Immediately, the Secret service has security in the plan for his election.Barricades promptly surround the Trump Towers. What the ordinary settlers, workers, and tourists used to explore around the business area within the vicinity of Trump’s abode, currently presents restrictions. There are noticeable separate actions in the boutique and stores occupying the ground floors. Several streets leading to the Towers direct to checkpoints required by the cordon of security. While before, anyone could cross over to Tiffany’s store via the Trump facade, New Yorkers and visitors presently face metal barricades to restrict their routines.Gucci, Starbucks, and the Trump Grill at the Atrium have yet to keep their regular visitors. Throughout the domain are police officers deployed from the NYPD.

At the moment, a tourist who expects the traditional helicopter ride hovering over the New York Skyline has to remain at a distance. This, at least, until Trump’s tenure as president is over. Flying over the Trump Tower below 2,9999 brings a dismay particularly to the FAA, an association of private pilots who finds limited access to the Hudson River very frustrating. It marks for a possible slump in revenues expected from the rides they offer tourists yearly. It also restricts cruising visitors to a height that would get them a splendid view of the Manhattan Skyline. Sigh, with Trumps win, the astonishing spin halts from a New York City spectacle.

Setting the parameters
Despite all the inconvenience that the ordinary New Yorker wrestles, Trump  is all set to take his trip to the White House. His journey streams with a firm view of a progressive approach to economics with outlooks of a renewed path from the intricacies that the American economy currently borders. The New Yorkers, same as any other citizens of the 50 states in the Confederate, need to catch president-elect Trump’s agenda with a rational thought.

“The American President(1995) ” -Prompts US Presidential Election 2016

Photo: BusinessInsider  (all rights reserved to the owners).


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