“The American President(1995) ” -Prompts US Presidential Election 2016

The primer takes the jibe

Here’s an election prompt as the ballots ink a new American President in three days:

The photo of reference is a @#GretaVanSusteren post…exquisite caricature, You, in deep scrutiny, would suggest the dramatis personae look into the movie AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT (1995) as the election warms up to an ample stretch. Pump a little kick to orchestrate the drama that has fired up a year over. These last several days, the Hilary seizes big with an ear-splitting thump she short expects.
Now comes the KEYBOARD’s literature analysis bug busting in…

Ring One

If her political strategists are hardy enough, you allow this movie drama (rom-com) direct the action that might tap a climactic twist, “intervention- from- a -machine” (deus ex-machina)” per the Greek idea of a great stirring star. Should the lead character trumps away as the “master” and a “captain” of his fate and soul in that order, the market for the “goddesses’ intervention” the playwright can inject. Cue: adopt Michael Douglas’ speaking lines towards the end. Without naming the hero of redemption in the scene, instantly, GREATDEMS, drag the guy in. Let the lady gantry in his shadow at this time.

The Contender 

And what can the Trump master from this movie? Richard Dreyfuss delivers the role with a discreet justification. Very reliable without deviation, just like the high Profile, non-stop, unto the end. HE should linger that way, so no doubt clouds the lifelike control. Furthermore, HE should not halt with “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Emphasize, where America has slipped and that “traditional American values” are gone awry. highlight the model of leadership as an order for truth; beseech pure accountability for the thousands of trashed classified emails from a private server. Run the rhetorics further by a broadcast megaphone – THE PRIDE IS BACK! Score the road on a full stop while he sings his catchword “Make America Great Again.”

What caused the mud slinging, by the way, you ask? Many, are losers never winners. May the mighty one preponderate.

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