Take A Pick- a Stellar Luxury Cruising at Its Finest

Luxury Cruise Sailing On Its Finest…

Paul Gauguin Luxury Cruise Lines, one of 2014’s bests in small ship cruising speaks for the new state of the arts in cruise lines. It promises an extraordinary adventure in exploring the relaxing sanctuary of the tropical islands of Tahiti. It suggests unique and well-scaled itineraries- the best to enjoy the French Polynesian core nestled in the island Pacific off the continent of Australia. The journey grants one a break from the bustle of city life. A guarantee of a trip to the inner recesses of the exotic island that is home to lagoons and turquoise-tinted beach waters that the prominent commercial and luxury cruise lines cannot skirt through, awaits. It presents travelers a well-tailored set of relaxing routines suited for a lifestyle. And the price catch is, there is so limited a time lost whether one is on the ship or out searching the islands. Music, dining, sailing lessons, spa,  singing, dancing and an array of wine unloaded from its well-stocked wine bars are never wanting at night and during the day. Best of all, a whole vacation package highlights English speaking staff and tour guides.

Tahiti, the Dream
Tahiti is an enclave formed by volcanic actions. From the natural geographic artistry sprang the biggest island pockets in the French Polynesian group of islands. It consists of lagoons and spotless water beach lines decked with fauna and flora that are an archive to the most undisturbed animal and flower species in the world. It holds history that dates back when islands searches were sweeping Europe led by the French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese. The laid back aura with nature in compliment plus an actual geographic and historical harvest make Tahiti a dream destination via the Paul Gauguin Cruise Lines to the island. To enjoy Tahiti is to link your exploit to one island from the Society Islands- Bora. The unique experiences one can own while cruising the Tahitian peninsula follows:

  • A taste of Bora-Bora

The lure of lagoons, sea and beach waters sums up an adventure to the principal island of Tahiti. The experience refreshes one to a well-spent getaway. The Bora-Bora island stint is a voice relaxing, subtle to the most active fun that comes with the whirling sounds of the deep sea, and the waves crashing on stone walls from the islands yet to explore.

  • Safari Jeep Ride-

Skirting joy ride to the island communities, reminiscing the remains of WWI via the US Army Cannons and taking the interest in the core’s four look- out points that showcase a stupefying view of its torques tinted and pristine lagoons are a welcome part of this adventure.

  • Bora-Bora Love Boat Ride-

A particular cut for honeymooners and those who enjoy a boat ride in pure beach waters, the ride circles the whole island. In between are lagoon snorkeling, and a chance to admire the scenic view of the isle. A complimentary treat follows- a wine filled freshly cut coconut that soon takes one to a table laden with tropical Polynesian cooking.

  • Aqua Safari Underwater Walk-

This unique experience explores the viral reef formations and colorful underwater school of fishes while walk-zoning the tropical island via the sea beds. One has the rare chance to feed the fishes while enjoying the deep sea sand walk.

  • The Glass Bottom Boat Experience-

The sea waters are inviting but on moments when one doesn’t want the dip, there is still an opportunity to appreciate the ecology of colorful marine life through a glass-bottomed boat ride. The glass bottom boat presents a sight to the most beautiful tropical fishes that inhabit the island. A roof offers shade, so one has a chance to take snapshots to remember the experience by.

  • The Polynesian Feast Adventure-

It adds to a lagoon sightseeing tour and a treat to a traditional Polynesian culinary expertise. Held in an islet (motu), it comes complete with a local ukulele player serenading with traditional Polynesian music. The feast starts from the oven cooked suckling pig; chicken served with local plantain, manioc, fish salad with coconut milk plus the well-loved hot food desserts and vanilla. These never fail to satisfy. Earlier on, one joins a tour of the undersea in the company of stingrays and other marine species that thrive in the island

The call of Tahiti as an island paradise for relaxing and enjoying the unique features of a tropical experience is always inviting. In the company of a small cruise ship like Paul Gauguin Cruise Line, the experience is always personal, private, focused, courteous and worth remembering. A smile is steady, come aboard!

The photo used is from:Luxury Cruise Lines, Melbourne Australia)


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