Evergreen On-Screen Jodis Of Indian Television We Draw Heart On

Evergreen On-Screen Jodi Of Indian Television We Draw Heart On

Singapore has an immense number of Indian expats. Their passion for entertainment presents them running for well-loved television programs back in their country via live Indian TV channels in Singapore. The Indian television is a mini Bollywood that animates the audience to understand plots that mirror the Indian way of life. In  Sujal-Kashish in Kahin To Hoga, characters are in scenarios where individual families, love, and marriage cultures are the primary focus. It has touches of cultural snippets that somehow pitch into the inevitable conflict between the lead characters. The TV series figures well among their Indian viewers. It articulates unequivocally of an Indian Jodi (defined by the Urban Dictionary as someone amazing and randomly the best person one can ever meet). The show captures a sufficient number viewership upon airing.

Sujal-Kashish in Kahin to Hoga weaves subplots

The love story of Kashish and Sujal has constant letters written. It reaches  (Sujal’s) desks open to the prying eyes of Rashi. It bothered Rashi, who abhors Kashish. She put Piyush as the sender of the letter; Plot thickens when Piyush sees the message. He presumes that she likes him.They eventually married. On the other side, Rashi and Sujal finally declare love for each other and shocked that after the announcement of love  Sujal and Kashish were set to marry. It astonished Kashish, but she didn’t like embarrassment. She marries  Piyush but suspects her to be cheating because of the letters addressed to her. What followed is a rift between Sujal and Kashish. Despite the shame, she still wanted to devise trouble. More twists come in as the mismatched lovers figure into troubles among their families.

Rashi got pregnant, and Sajul recognizes those letters.He presumes her of deceiving  him. Out of humiliation, she asks Piyush to marry her. Sujal discovers how his letters to Kashish lead to Piyush. He discerns his mistake and desires Kashi back( now married to Sajul).

Sajul takes on a conflict with Kashish and Piyush. Kashish, in the long run, fell in love with her husband, Piyush. Intermittently, Sajul had always aspired to create a quandary with both but always gets thwarted to the point that no one believed him anymore.  As a result, he was banished from the house. He mustered to meet a girl who fancies him, Archie. Archie’s father presented Saul his entire business as a dowry for marrying him. It made Kashish jealous and bickering among the couples again ensued. Piyush dies in a car accident. Sujal was remorseful about her friend’s death at this point.

The Indian Jodi Captivates

What makes this a sleeper among Indian televiewers in Singapore is that the series draws back the old familiar circumstances of a wedding back in the Indian culture. It somehow initiates the fact that Indian traditions of not being able to see who their (“Jodi” ) brides are before the wedding (tradition is, parents choose who their daughters marry) that allows this Indian Jodi so plot rich and conflict well built. It has amassed a compelling rating on its showing on Indian TV Channels in Singapore.

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