A New Color Coding Is Up-Why Blue Is the New Green

Why Blue Is the New Green

Many WORLD CAUSES have relied on colors to signify the ends they choose to take on. These are very evident amongst social advocacies that echo support for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, sustainable marine life, and the most deliberate greening that spouts a leg-up on renewable energy over fossil fuel. They have adopted the color green to accentuate the ill effects of greenhouse gases at a continuously increasing rate. As people assay to explore alternative reservoir of power and electricity minus the drawback on climate change, new rundowns are verifying. For a while, the color green has addressed diverse aspects of human subsistence instead of the world’s stride to rescue the o-zone layer. In so doing, the consequences of climate change are beamed at getting on the cuff at the earth ‘s drastic climate variations that may soon address the global sphere as unlivable to man. One subsequent move to another, the corporate world dished out with mission statements of responsibilities to list individual businesses among the thriving economies. Enterprises took trains to include a purpose statement that acknowledges the protection of the human ecology as they aim at the growth in their markets worldwide.

The number grid

The parameters used to gauge the status of an active alternate fuel can be quartered in a dashboard that dispenses the following:

  • Cheap- abundant supply means consumer affordability.
  • Renewable- ability to replenish what has been used.
  • Sustainable- will provide a supply that lasts without depleting the source.
  • Eco- friendly- helps curb greenhouse effect.’
  • Low-cost storage for intermittent energy sources (the wind and solar energy).

Zooming in on  energy used

The countries that rely heavily on fossil fuel like coal, include China, Brazil, Mexico, US, Poland, France, Germany among others.China’s shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy backs up the fact that with a cheaper power source, an economy can shoot to the top. Among headmost economies, China is number one in the latest ranking.

Search for the cheap alternative
Coal– the abundance of coal whips it out as the most common power source for decades even before the adoption of a non-conventional source of energy became a world agenda. The price of traditional fuel skyrocketed as the percentage of carbon blueprint grew higher as well. Ecologists worked hard to curb the effects of carbon emission from burning fossil fuels that spearhead significant counts of spin-offs on global warming. The world took heed, and the outcome is a search for alternative fuel. Today, its extensive use among many nations in the world drew drastic up shots in the sale of fossil fuel.
Globally, stalwarts of the use of renewable energy progressed in double digits. In acceleration, countries have stakes ringing to the deploy of renewables. To run the world machinery that pumps on a  high percentage of earnings from local industries gets the jump on the method of cheap fuel. Those banked on to release power at a reasonable cost seconded by their earth-friendly effects are:

  • Methane gas -from natural wastes
  • Solar energy- gases from the sun
  • Wind turbine- energy derived from air activities
  • Hydro energy- power derived from water movements
  • Tidal power – electricity derived from underwater flows (dependent on the pull of gravity based on the tide’s activity).

Latest concerns
Coal emits combustion causing the ozone layer to thin out. In the process, global warming is precarious. World efforts to curve its use is on because it is denominated as the dirtiest energy source. The search for coal alternative drove to methane gas, cheaper and similarly abundant in supply.
The origin of methane on the Earth surface dates back billions of years ago. The accumulation of decayed matter that included plants and animals formed layers underneath the recesses of the earth and bodies of water. The decomposed matter contained methane, a natural gas, an up to snuff source of power and fuel today. Recently, the search for supply has graduated to include putrescible materials ( inorganic elements) that now dominate landfills, a specific source of modern-day methane gas supply.

Approaches are being studied to tap the role of chemical additives to turn the non-biodegradable trash component into gas that sits well with methane gas.  A chock-full in the wild, methane gas can be unearthed by methods that release trapped gases by procedures like fracking ( digging for methane gases by the use of strong water pressure). Its abundance makes this alternative source of energy very cheap. Many countries opted to invest in its production. It is now one of the most wanted fuel surrogates globally.

However, closer studies evidence a growing repercussion in the move to utilize this renewable energy as a power origin. People in the now state that while it is a cleaner fuel compared to coal, it affects the environment greater than the effect billed to coal use. In their harvest, gases escape. The released gases have a greater capacity to trap more heat compared to the effect of burning coal for fuel. It has the magnitude to stay in the atmosphere up to speed more than that thought of about coal emission.In this regard, many ecologists now consider patronizing methane energy is no better than coal use.

The source takes a freeze
The green color revolution among ecologists sees the color crusade make a halt. Scientific studies conducted to verify the success of the use of renewable energy as the best alternative to fossil fuel is getting a second look. Technically, the findings blue chipped the validity of one of the alternative power sources in the form of natural gases derived from a conventional waste material. Resulting methane gases thought as the cleaner replacement for the dirty coal is dangerous as coal.

The pencil marks the green matter for methane gas blue at the moment.




tr.v. blue-pen·ciled, blue-pen·cil·ing, blue-pen·cils also blue-pen·cilled or blue-pen·cil·ling

To edit, revise, or correct with or as if with a blue pencil.
From the American Dictionary of English, Fifth edition. 2011


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