A New Dad Warms Up for the First Born

A New Dad Warms Up for the First Born

In the US, the participation of the baby’s father in the birthing process has increased tremendously in years.To a new dad, bringing a family that includes children after marriage is both a joy and an event looking forward. While many allow for the mother to have the maximum anxieties in the delivery, dads share similar strains in the coming of the first born. Insurance ready, a baby shower over, he now faces what might turn out to be the toughest job he will have in the child’s delivery. And just as soon as a load of buying stuff that the new baby requires is over, now comes the hospital stay. Whether considering birthing centers in the hospitals or the private rooms assisted by a midwife, jitters arise among dads who are first timers. Some birthing centers ease these tensions by directly getting the new father involved in the arrangement for the birth. It can come in partnerships in pre-delivery sessions aimed at an effortless delivery such as coaching lessons. The soon to be dad portions with the delivery process by going through exercises adapted for both the couple. However, this doesn’t spare him of the apprehensions he faces once the hospital stays proceeds.
The first-time hospital stay

The new dad should discuss what the wife needs during the hospital visit. It can decide which clothes to bring for him and wife to the simple goodies he might need while waiting for the delivery. Most common worry is not knowing where to go should there be a change in the birthing sessions. Whether he participates in the birthing process or not, it is a must that he fixes for this task in advance.

Pre-empting delivery scenes

  • There is no telling what time the baby will be born. If his physical presence in the delivery room is not wanted, he might need to have things with him like games, reading materials, newspaper or a book. These can dwindle the jitters he might have in the wait.
  • The new dad must anticipate changes in the method of delivery, especially when the need to do a C-section or a Twilight baby is unavoidable. The fact that the health of both the mom and the baby can be compromised should not be doubted.
  • If he does participate in the delivery, he can lessen tension by requesting that only a few persons stay with them in the room.
  • Expect staff to sneak and peek in the delivery room which the dad may not want. The wife is in a position where privacy may likely be invaded. Again the soon to be dad can guard this by giving instructions in advance.
  • A new father can also participate in cutting the cord, or hold the baby as soon as he is delivered. If he is not comfortable doing it, then this should be discussed with the wife’s obstetrician before hand.
  • Be ready for the possibility of a very unfavorable experience as the wife can be very irritable towards him while in pain. If this is so, he can ask to be excused.
  • Anticipate that in this case; a father cannot help the wife in the worst pains she is in at present.
  • The new parent will see his wife in an intense pain and not able to do absolutely nothing about it.

Being a new dad can bring challenges during the wife’s delivery. Knowing what to expect even before the hospital stay will ease the burden and anxieties.

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