Traveling? Go Easy- Callus Treatment ala DIY Is Cool

Traveling?-Go Easy- Feet Callus Treatment ala DIY Is Cool

When people travel, having sturdy feet ready to hurdle days of ride hopping and brisk walking is a given. They are however one of the body parts that are sometimes not given much attention because they can easily be concealed. Covered by shoes most of the time, they hardly get the exposure akin to the other distinct components of the human body.  On this regard, some foot problems can crop up. The nudge might have already been existing for a while without the owner even noticing it.

The look, the ideal

For the feet to be healthy, they should be smooth, silky, pink red looking. On the same token, the nails should be neatly cut, free of fungus. Similarly, the area around the cuticle should not be flaky like dead skin. The spaces between the toes should likewise be free from blemishes; warts included. To have perfectly looking feet is easy if one finds time to pamper them a little bit. Spoiling the feet means getting rid of one of the most identified foot problems, that of a callus. To remove calluses is then a task aligned in keeping the feet beautiful to look at.
A particular attention

The feet, for the most part, is in an environment that can harbor moist. The inside of the shoe being moist can breed a lot of problems. It can bring up ground for feet conditions caused by wet and heat born bacteria. It can, at the same time be a spot where a significant problem will be, once the presence of a skin break occurs. Infection can arise that may necessitate costly medical intervention with the manifestation of calluses included. Some corns can have different residues of splinters that when not caught early may require expensive treatment. Similarly, people who are diabetic should pay attention to eliminating calluses because their condition drops them unable to feel pain should a problem has already started. In the foot area where the calluses are mostly detected, it is then needed that care for the feet is well-thought-out.

Calluses and the feet

Identifying the gist of calluses paves the way towards a skin that is free from conditions that may warrant costly treatment later. It drops the high cost of cure that are among those settled by most foot doctors. A session0f a check -up with a podiatrist run about 80-110.00 dollars. The foot area can develop calluses by wearing the wrong size and types of shoes. It can further be attributed to the shortage of hydration in the form of moisture in the areas between toes, on the toes, side, or the top of the feet.

Calluses resemble like patches that are hard and thick nature of a dead skin emanating from a center. Though not easily identified as a problem, calluses like corn can graduate to a disturbing feet conditions that can inconvenience someone afflicted by it.

Different from corn displayed commonly as the little dry skin between the 5th and the 4th toes, calluses do not focus on the feet solely. They can develop in other parts of the body such as hands and feet. They can also be in the areas of the body that are always exposed to rubbing or friction. They are classified as plantar callus if they are found at the bottom of the foot.

That thing called Calluses

  • Ill-fitting shoes that over time hardens the areas of the feet while walking.
  • Shoes that are too high that includes elevator shoe, wedges, and worth, the stilettoes.
  • Foot deformities that cannot be corrected by any other shoe type more so on closed shoes like sneakers and tennis shoes.
  • The absence of socks when one is wearing a sandal or closed toed shoes.
  • Skin rubbing against the shoe can breed calluses likewise.

Knowing the above conditions, they can be count as vital part of treating calluses.

DIY callus removers

When callus treatment is required, and the removal is urgent, there are a lot of ways calluses can be managed. The remedies are found mostly in one’s home. They just need to spend time doing the process religiously. It can be designed as a routine before sleep or during rest time in the day.

  • Epsom Salt-

The advantage of Epsom salt in the form of a foot soak is one that can easily be done to treat calluses of the feet. For thirty minutes to an hour, the feet submerge in a basin with the ¾ cup of the salt with warm water added. When the skin softens, one can employ a pumice stone commercially available to shed the dead skin off. The effect is a soft and moist skin.

  • Chamomile tea_

Tea-the curative power of tea that occurs in different times has been proven. They are utilized in beauty products and the cure of medical conditions like suppressed insulin production. Chamomile tea, one kind of tea, is one unearthed as very useful ion the treatment of human calluses. Besides the aroma one can savor while using the tea to remove calluses from the feet, it stimulates a change in the feet’s ph (acidity level). It comes as a soak that holds about 4-5 cups of warm water with bags of Chamomile tea (about1-2). It is mixed with about four cups of water, and a subsequent soaking for about half an hour, the rinse follows  with soap and water to rid of the tea stain

  • Lemon Juice

Lemon juice of at around 1-2 tablespoons mixes with enough baking soda to develop a paste. A little amount of coconut oil may be added to enhance the moisture needed to soften the calluses. The mix can be made thick enough to adhere to the skin of the feet. They must stay on the skin. It can be wrapped with a clean rag or a gauze. It sticks to the feet for about an hour then ready for a wash off.

  • Apple Cider.

Like tea, apple cider has also found uses besides culinary taste enhance. Medically, there have been uses of the vinegar that contribute to good health that includes lowering sugar and cholesterol. People with calluses can get an immediate reprieve of irritating almost sensitive cases of calluses anywhere in the body. Another high Ph inducing agent that is noted very useful in treating calluses is apple cider. It has the ACV acidic property needed to keep the area affected with calluses soft and healthy. Recommended for sweaty feet; It can be achieved by using a cotton ball or a portion of bread soaked in apple. They can be taped to the skin overnight. Use the pumice stone to slough off the softened skin and rinse. Follow it up with oil to moisturize. Apple cider comes very cheap and is readily available from different stores.

  •  Sugar-

Used as an exfoliator, it eliminates dead skin, lumps. The granules mix in the form of a scrub that contains sugar, lemon, and oil. The scrub is applied onto the hardened surface in the form of paste for about 15-20 minutes until the sugar crystals dissolve. A lukewarm water wash follows. The application of oil moisturizes the skin.

The proposed cure to calluses can be repeated several times in the week. Once a routine is established, calluses can never be a bother. The feet takes the complete pampering it needed. Try them without fail.Go ahead, keep traveling. Give the feet the attention it needs. The treatment is easy and doesn’t hurt anyone’s dollars at all.


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