Aim That Scope and Hunt Right!


_saddle chicks 2No, Never again! That’s what most hunters say after missing their favorite bird catches in the late autumn. An enjoyable hobby is hunting for birds, games and different animals. The role of a spotting scope transcends that of a binocular because it magnifies better than the former. However, they can also be used to hunt for a beautiful scene of land and water formations. It is possible with the operation of a tripod where a camera attaches. In hunting, however, its broad use is for its ability to do a good focus on the target animal before the hunter fires the gun. Hence, giving less opportunity for the pretty one to run away.

A lure of the wild

People who choose bird or animal hunting get satisfaction none of those who have no feel for the sport would ever experience. American presidents did have these interests that modern day America listens to in remembrance:

  • Theodore Roosevelt was asthmatic when he was young. He took to hunting to give him the needed breath of fresh air. His love for wildlife he carried with him to the Oval office. He saw to it that 230 acres of land are reserved for wildlife that America still enjoys today. It led to the preservation of the most extinct species of birds and wildlife. As he didn’t value killing them, as president, he realized that the kill is part of the sport.
  • Jimmy Carter spent his youth loving the outskirts of his hometown Georgia. When he became president, he kept rifles, handguns, and shotguns that were well kept with spotting scopes. His family enjoyed the sport he was into that weekends would be spent in the woods and their fields hunting. He is recorded as the only president who took off 79 days from the oval office. Those days he spent horse hunting for fishes, birds, and other wildlife.
  • George Washington was believed an avid hunter even in the times when he was leading warriors for America. In fact, anecdotes say that he would deter war actions among his troops so he could go hunting with his horse in the company of his dogs. He was documented to be a good fowl and fox hunter before he had a bad fall while riding his horse.
  • Dwight Eisenhower is famous for stories of his love for hunting. He would take long walks from their house in Kansas looking for birds. When he wasn’t actively involved in the Italian war front, he and his chief of staff go out hunting for birds. He was a famous angler and hunter.
  • Grover Cleveland was so in love about writing as he was for hunting and his guns. He was known as obsessed about the outdoors. In the same token, he loves the hunt for almost everything. The writings  he had reflected his love for the wild and the guns in action. Narratives recall that he had names for the rifles he collected.

The makes a quality spotting scope for hunting

Spotting scopes for catching birds and other wildlife have bodies that are commonly straight or angled. Straight scopes are the most common in use. Straight bodied scopes are indicated in viewing targets when the hunter is situated in a higher location. It is similar to a top spot on a mountain while on a hike. This type of a hunting goggles gives the hunter a view of the land down below where the intended catch lay rested. The scope that has an angled body is convenient when aiming at targets that are normal across a flat surface or when previewing the target while looking up. The quality is dependent on:

  • Objective Lens

The absolute best option for a spotting scope is a high-quality objective lens that comprises high-performance glass. Always go for lens quality over size if one has to choose. A larger lens of poor quality will result in a mainstream view when compared to a smaller lens of optimal quality. A larger lens will always produce a superior image at higher magnifications than a smaller lens of the same quality. Objective lens size can make a massive difference in price. Expect to pay more for a larger scope.

  • Adapters for the camera – in a process called descoping, there is a need to produce an excellent image quality. It encourages the hunter to see exactly how the catch looks like. It enables him to set at what angle will the prey will be aimed at so it will be successful. It is very useful when viewing scenes that are at a distance. A proper camera adapter projects a view that the hunter wants to aim at.
  • Hold or the Tripod- a clear picture is dependent on how stable the camera is. Shaking can distort the view a hunter wishes to target on. It also contributes to eye strain that would slow down the aim at a right focus. The early shooting light is a precursor to a good catch. If the image is not entirely established, bird hunters miss the chance to catch their anticipated prey, made like a regular camera, spotting scopes needs no particular type of tripod. They can be treated as light or dark like an ordinary photograph tripod. In fact, considerations of the weight of the tripod is a great concern as one treks the hunting trail.
  • Image quality- a magnification quality of 30-40 x is the ideal spotting scope resolution needed to maintain a view from a distance. It is more so when regular binoculars fail to give the desired view necessary to spot the animals intended to be hunted. Scopes are subject to a lesser image attribute when magnification is increased in its highest magnitude, but it will lessen the drop-off quality. It is dogged via the hunter’s location and the type of the day the hunting is done. Humid and wet climates are very conducive to low-resolution magnitude. The height and dryness of climate will favor high resolutions that are 60-80X magnification. There is no need to buy those expensive astronomic hoping goggles because they won’t get the desired result. It is the atmosphere that determines the effectivity of the type of resolution one uses.
  • Focus- another function that is closely allied to a regular camera is the focus. Digital cameras put squares to see which part of the image is the subject of the shoot. It plays well with a spotting scope for hunting. When the subject is in a 20 ft. Distance, the use of this close focus in addition to the natural range Is a bonus but not necessarily needed. It is only good if the hunter uses a camera in hunting.
  • Coating of the lens – the materials that are utilized in the manufacture of the lens significantly affect the image from the spotting scope when used. Surfaces vary from full coatings, multi-coatings or varies from coated, multi- coatings or transparent coatings to fully multi-coatings. It works on the light transmission that will contribute to an apparent resolution.
  • Relief to the eyes. – Amateur users of any binoculars make the mistake of seeing through the lenses so closely to the eyes. Professional lens users know that distances set between the eyes and the spotting scope significantly affect the images wanted to be seen on the scope
  • Waterproofing and Fogproofing- not a high must in the choice of a hunting scope but it helps maintain the quality of the scope especially when a hunter decides to use it for a while. It prevents the scope from gathering dust and moisture that may affect its functions. In the form of a seal, it protects the instrument from changes in pressure in the atmosphere.
  • The Eyepieces_- can be bought as zoom or single powered. They can come as separate pieces from the scope set or attached in the cases of the more expensive spotting scopes. The eyepiece functions primarily to attain a suitable magnification when changes in the atmosphere occur. Also, they can contribute to a good image quality, gives the hunter eye relief.
  • Prism- the science of light that produces different colors in high-quality by refracting through the scope top quality images. The roof prism is not condoned for its lacking in eyepieces but is good for game hunters on the go. For its competence and cost impressive qualities, many hunters prefer the Porro prism.

The best spotting scope for hunting presents

I am an avid fan of hunting I would probably feel so sorry if I don’t get my scope ready. I will probably blame myself for not catching the best angle to trek my preys. The moment that releases the most exciting phase of a catch comes to an anticipation. Those few seconds when the spotting scope latches the best scenario is a target. If things don’t fall into place, what will be more hurting is not catch what I would have wanted most. A choice of the best hunting goggles for this purpose then is necessary. There are spotting scopes that are best sellers in the market for their ability to give quality to the game catching experience. I would be interested in owning a couple. Among them are:

  • The Vortex Razor HD-20-6085 Abled Scope

Compact, lightweight, adjustable body and an adjustable eyecup are what I will eagerly go for. In this scope. Weatherproof, I can be sure that It will keep my sporting goggles free from the damages or water, sun or dust that can affect its performance. It comes with an eyepiece; I am assured of a 20-80 x magnification. The inclusion of a tripod makes my buy something to treasure, although bulkier and heavier, it provides me a 2000-yard viewing area, good enough to see a better panorama of the games I intend to latch. The lens gives me a view 6X the ordinary binocular will give. These I will not mind buying despite the burden of the weight when carrying around my hunting trail

  • Swarovski STM 80 HD (straight Telescope Magnesium)-

It is known for its powerful light assimilation when the day is about to turn dark. It is extremely advised for hunters who like to do birdwatching with distance. The viewing is similar to what an 8.5×42 binocular can project. I can also depend on its weight; being light, it is comfortable to hold It lends me a wider perspective regarding viewing. I can enhance it by the use of a good tripod. If favors following birds in motion.

  • Swarovski 80mm STS HD Straight Spotting Scope

What makes this click to me is its 16 feet close focus that enables me to see wildlife from a distance. It can give me the same advantage when a subject is near. A precise and sharp resolution when looking through the woods catches my fancy, Fog proof wise, I can rely on its sunshade that helps to hide the objective lens. In the process, the sun’s glare is not a bother. The ease of weight I will surely be glad for.


  • Eyeskey EK8380 29-60X50 Spotting Scope

Considering my focus on birdwatching, wildlife observation, that are added interest next to hunting, this scope I will find a lot of use for. I will miss the double angled feature of other cameras with this one but for the price under 130.00 in the stores, this will surely be a good catch. It presents with an eyepiece that gives good focus at about 45 degrees.


  • Leupold SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scope

That I wear eyeglasses, most of the time can be a disadvantage when I don’t choose the decent spotting scope for hunting. I will be in anticipation to own this one for its 100% fog proof quality. I am assured I can keep this piece for long. The lens extends which are very useful when the day is sunny. The detachable lens protects the scope when on standby. Though not among the high-end pieces it significantly gives a magnification so vigorous and vivid. Because I do love birds, this is a purchase that will suit me. It is fabulous in identifying preys at a distance.

For hunting birds and wildlife, a primary for a spotting scope makes the sports more fun. The amusing thing is; one need not go high end to devise these gadgets handy. One just needs to know what best serves him while he is out in the wild adoring the site of animals or birds. First, the eyes feast, then the sounds of a gun signal one has caught one!


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