Let a Stud Stay- Breed Him!

Let That Stud Stay- Breed Him!

For the horse lover, the ability to breed a far-out version of his favorite horse is highly  anticipated. Since horses are quite a sum of money to own and cared for, the breeding should lessen the bulk of buying a new one. Owners habitually choose the best breeds they think they would like to possess. They consistently stick to the breed they have owned previously. The incentive owners like to procreate from their mares is the aspiration to replicate the good attributes of the mother horse. Breeding from the mother mare habitually reproduces a better class of a foal.

Best seasons to breed

The breeding of horses needs spot-on timing. The regular spawning  season moves at the start of March and again in October. Scientifically based, most mares don’t ovulate all year round. The reproductive organs go on anestrus (the period when the mare is not receptive to conceiving). It is a well-known cycle during the cooler months of the winter. They don’t respond well to the stallion. The stallion, however, does not have a cut off on when to produce the male eggs.

Following the mare’s natural birthing season, there are methods the owner can set the mare’s natural environment to step-up the chances of successful breeding. Some of the most bred horses are Arabian; American Paint horses, American Quarter horse, Appaloosa, and Thoroughbred.

Increase the success in breeding

  • Better natural daylight works up the mare’s brain receptors to prompt the production of reproductive hormones. This type of natural breeding is very nominal in the March mating season.
  • Artificial light can be piqued in the stable earlier than spring. It wheedles the mare to start conceiving.  It is a proven technique used on certain types of horses.  The studs that fall under thoroughbreds are the benefactors of this type of breeding.
  • Spring breeding is to buck up the abundance of grass for the mare to produce ample milk supply for the foal.
  • Early breeding ensures that the mare gets the owner’s attention in the eleven months of pregnancy. Conceiving can extend it until fall. By then the baby foal is ready to be weaned from milking.

Points to consider in breeding

Mares although sexually mature at 18 months, breeders are advised to wait four years for the mare to be fully ready to conceive. Take note that not all mares are destined to become a foal (the breeder type). They don’t show early signs of pregnancy until three months. The older the mares go; it will be harder to get them set into foaling. The mares need to be ridden several times to ensure full development. It is possible within the first three months of foaling. More than that, there is a risk of losing the baby horses. They also need to be fed highly with protein to induce gestation.

Horse owners, let that beautiful breed of a horse stay. Breed them.





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