Pop that Corn to the Movie Archives

Almost Spring.The morning bites cool, crisp almost like round sweats dripping down a soda can. Later, the early post-spring jitters cripple in. The readings go more than sunny. What a weekend pre- spring date with the movies dug from the archives for a change!

  • X-Men-days of the future Past

Take the Sentinels, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Prof. X (James Mc-Avoy) in X-men Days of the Future Past and the plot of a movie that runs 130 minutes weaves out. Add the cinematic effects to enhance divine influence, and the mind switches from rational thoughts (present) amplify. Put in the fear of extinction despite their ability to regenerate (the mutants- future) and the movie goers take a halt. The action moves to a series of resolutions that includes the invulnerable Prof. X (serum addiction for navigational fluency) that represents the past. In summation, it is the past including its mistakes that the future makes. The present engulfs the past to survive. Singer, the X-men series master), could not have put it any other way. Hugh Grant, Jack Mc-Avoy, Patrick Stewart leads the powerful cast.

  • Yojimbo

What makes a samurai movie engaging is the absence cinematic display of overlapping actions almost so quick to view what humans seek to do without retribution. Cinema genius Kurosawa‘s treatment of action switches from this to another display of reflexes via the Japanese sword (samurai). A ronin (warrior, Sanjuro) stranger in town, comes to resolve a conflict among warring factions (Seibei and Ushitora). Despite his skill, he leaves some human nemesis ( making Seibei believe the other camp captures the warriors he has sold in exchange for a woman he was infatuated with) takeover. The merit of a win is not always a product of skill. To preserve his role as a bodyguard, he gives in to deceitful alliances. From them, he serves both the hiring “warlord” Seibei while benefiting the other, Ushitora. The ploy gets equal as Seibei’s wife wants him dead and a bodyguard payment drops. Compared to present-day plots, nothing is left to give justice to actions to gain group supremacy. Predispose the conflict, the characters seek no lessons in the gang war but lets a stranger direct their efforts. The dearth of a careful explanation in nature weakness cannot be attended to enough in the movie. Everything else is the everyday man wanting to survive the daily norms of gang supremacy.



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