Don’t Hold Back On the Zero Mile To The Florida Keys


A trip to the Florida Keywest holds different keywords that will make the visit worth taking. You are in for a distance, one long trail of a drive. It’s in the US -1 Highway that runs alongside the Zero Mile en route to the  Keys. The straight drive favors a scenic display separated by channels, keys and conjoined bridges that weave from several strips into one big thrill. Scaling your path through the southernmost part of the Continental US is more than a stopover.

Timing the visit marks number one.

For the most part, the Keywest’s geographical location is resplendent with sunny skies that can make one step on the gas not on every visitor’s travel comfort zones. In the winter, the wind chill can save a contrast to climate exposures among northern guests who can spot the cold a no bother. To one used to the tropical climate, though, it could show one all wrapped in coats, mufflers, and knitted caps. A funny scene while they take a leisurely walk on the beaches, or public parks that line the whole stretch as the road parts from a little peek towards central Miami.

Begin the visit, let these distinct markers escort you

Moving through the Florida Scenic Highway is one big shot behind your wheels over the 7-mile bridge. It is a primary link to the other short and long bridges that conjoins with the various channels and Keys. A trail of wheel steers joins the Mile One of the Continental US from Portland Mane to the southernmost point that faces 90 miles towards Cuba. Restart the drive back to the north via the Zero Mile Marker. From the Keywest, as you enter the Florida Turnpike after over an hour and a half drive, another Zero Mile marker appears. Then you are wont  to look at Google maps and Wikipedia why this is so


Water drapes the East and West side of the keys

The waters that girdle around the east side of the Keys is that of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico owns the waters that envelop the West side. The ripples are small and emerald green stains the shorelines busy with private boats speeding. At a distance, a longer boat raises a sail in the mid sunny day with a windchill induced cold of a Florida winter.

One Notable route

There is just one route to get through and same way to split the Florida Keys behind. Use the long road swing to the US-1 Highway ( connects most cities in the US that start from Mane)! Soon this highway shines with Florida insignia running in tow with the  Florida Scenic Highway -one streak of a drive that you must feel safe putting up with.

A character study to a long drive

Don’t fancy the long drive? No problem. The Amtrak from the North connects to other major US cities in the East or West side.The train travel to the keys concludes its passengers drop off to Florida at the Miami station. A bus service plucks in, ready to ferry passengers to the different keys. It  should be a break for those who loathe long driving. Corner of Flemming and Whitehead Street in the Keywest starts the US-O mile marker.

Choose hotels farther away from the Keywest.

Even in the winter months, prices go beyond 300$ depending on your choice.

Break the monotony, start the fun

Fishing, diving, snorkeling, boat rides, animal preservation activities ( dolphins and turtles), state park visits, museum trails are but some you will have a choice of when intending to visit the Florida Keys. Not in a hurry to the Key West, your stops on the channels and keys begin a scenic view of pole fishing, deer crossing the highways, or a feast on the greens along the mangrove/ water /rock lined shorelines. They yield surprises. A mastery of a geographic knowledge on the basic southern Florida history while on the Keywest trekking is preemptive, don’t hold back!


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