When a New Mom Plays Cool- Power Nap Rules

When a New Mom Plays Cool- Power Nap Rules

Per the latest survey, statistics show that in the UK, there are 697,852 live births compared to 3,952,841 babies born yearly in the US. Comparably, the demographics record a striking number of late first-time moms and the cases of multiple births aside from twins coming in the upswing. Take this as a fact, how many moms like you, regardless of age are sleep deprived taking care of their firstborns? Data released by the Sleep Foundation in the US say, sleep, shortchanges 76% of parents taking care of their firstborns. For the first time mothers, this can be overwhelming. It comes hand and hand with having to cope with the physical and postpartum hormonal changes that befall a mother after delivery.

Validating sleep deprivation

Soon after, as a new mom,  when you leave the hospital, sleep is one of the most critical issues you will be facing. Your body needs to adjust to physiological post delivery changes that rely mostly on getting rest through sleep. It can compromise comfort  as revealed in the following:

  • For the first year, a total of 359 hours of sleep loss is recorded when parents care for the baby’s first year.
  • Studies show that parents of newborns lose 2 hours of sleep every night until the baby reaches five months of age.
  • Loss of sleep trims down to an hour when the baby reaches two years old.

Understanding the newborn’s physiological patterns

Experts agree that knowing the baby’s physiological patterns on day one brings a new mom the escape from the doldrums finding solutions to sleep deprivation.The pattern kicks in during the first months after birth:

  • Newborns sleep 16 to 20 hours in a 24 hour period
  • From the Newborn Foundation, 90% of babies begin sleeping longer at around three months. Their sleep pattern lasts from six to eight hours.
  • Newborns on breast or bottle feeding go hungry every two hours.

A shut eye for the new mom

As a first-time mom, you are in between the joy of finally caring for your firstborn and coping with the routine of feeding, diaper changes at night and daytime bathing. These can overwhelm your world that has utterly changed upon your newborn’s, arrival. You need a rest in the form of a nap. Power naps, catnaps, shut eye are the terms given to a light, short sleep session to recharge the body due to sleep deprivation. To a new mom,  once sleep is lacking,  the lost goes on an episode of sleep debt. People in the know say it is hard to repay later on. Here, parenting experts suggest the need to master short sleep routines that are very beneficial to first-time mommies. Power napping can:

  • Alter adverse effects of sleep debt.
  • Prevent postpartum depression.
  • Give the new mom focus needed when she has to drive for the newborn.
  • Reset body functions slowed down by a lack of sleep by becoming more alert.
  • Increase motor performance that triggers reflexes caring for the baby.
  • Curve sleepiness and boost alert brain functions.

A Catnap Dashboard
The effects of short naps depend on the length of time a new mom avoids sleep debt. Many medical practitioners say that the benefits of a nap spin on the amount of time a mom spends rested. A twenty-minute recharge commonly called the power nap or stage two nap, for example, is useful in maintaining motor alertness. The need for longer catnaps is encouraged whenever the new mom has a chance to. A shut eye more than 20 up to 60 minutes is found competent in decision making, enhancing memory, directions recall – things a new mom should be armed with as she tackles a new role for her firstborn.

You, the new mother, play it cool! Learn your child’s pattern of sleep, feeding and how long your baby is awake will be worth the note. It determines when, you, the new mommy can re -mediate sleep lost during the care of your infant. Sharing feeding and diaper change responsibilities with your significant other, getting help in between, a good bedroom structure that affords for easy grabs of paraphernalia that the baby needs are an excellent addition to power naps that ease out sleep deprivation.

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