E-Cigarettes, Anyone?







e cigarette: Illustration depicting an illuminated neon sign with an e-cigarette concept. Stock Photo

E-cigarettes Rescue the Real Cigarette

The focus on  E-cigarettes has for a while taken the attention away from the  original issue that is real cigarette smoking and tobacco use. It was a significant setback for the tobacco industry when the US government regulated its sale and use. It lost benefits tremendously. The industry thought it would be jumping against the e-cigarettes for they are taking a lot of customers from them. But contrary to the belief that someone’s gain is somebody else’ lost, this did not happen. The tobacco industry has taken into the sale of e-cigarettes, and it’s making the tobacco companies bounce back. The losses they incurred with the limited sale and use of cigarettes are now turning revenues back in. It Comes in the midst of talks about the harmful effects actively being evaluated in the medical sector.

On the Rebound

Altria, a Group Inc. and Reynolds American Inc., got one-fourth the sales from convenient stores in 2013. As of August this year, Altria, which owns Philip Morris brand, the largest tobacco company and  R.J. Reynolds has its brand of e- cigarettes that are now in the market. This shows how Cigarette becomes a sensational product earning 2.5 billion. These two leading companies are expected to earn more because the production of the commodity does not get a quota from the government. It sells as a  supplement. In fact, it does not need the type of marketing other countries have .They come in simple to the most ornate designs using ceramics and porcelain as seen in the countries like China, Thailand and Singapore. In the US mass production comes in plastic and the original metal design when they first hit the markets. The two major companies just came out with a disposable E-cigarettes version.

 Marketing the old block.

The boom in the e-cigarettes sales had taken the same marketing strategy the real cigarette was following before the ban limited what it can advertise. However, FDA in the US discouraged the display of E-cigarettes ads and to sponsor sports event. The status of e-cigarette use varies from state to state. Some state imposes the no indoor use in public places. Others thought to slap higher taxes and a ban on the sale to minors. The argument to this is how it comes out in the market. The regulations being considered for e-cigarettes follow the same regulations they put on real cigarettes. These are where the different states do not come in agreement. As they fight about regulating E-cigarettes, they are raking in sales and is expected to do more.



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