As Red Beets Grace Your Table- Hack Them…

The internet of everything belches a multitude of ways food staples advance brands that will outsell others. Amongst them are blood turnips or red beets. They have been clinching popularity in the seam of

consumers who have tracked the ” via veggies and fruits. Turning to beets is rather a novelty. Who wouldn’t be lured to take a bite at Chioggia or Candy Cane Beets, now a seller online and at the major health stores?


An earthy taste, vibrant reddish purplish color are the attributes red beets are known for. Table beets are hefty with cold when planted. Surprisingly, they don’t need a lot of time to harvest. But do you know why a lot of the health savvy food diets have thought through beets as one of the hackable fruit/ veggie fads towards healthy eating.?

The blood turnip- the bulb- stars on the table
Red beets, in particular, can be steamed, boiled or roasted and mostly relative to how you want them ingested. Beets are bounteous in potassium, sodium, vitamin C, nitrates that are known as a must-have in carrying out healthy body functions. How can beets be a card-carrying staple on the table?

1. Because of an earthy taste, root beets can blend well with other veggies that are citrusy, watery and starchy. Squeeze a lemon, a serve of a plain salad follows, You can dish them up baked with starchy boiled sweet yams or a marbled yam beet cake for a hearty dessert. Drizzle vinegar and you can whip another salad. The red stalks like those of the rhubarb can be sweetened to give other fruits a kill in the exotic eating food market.

2. The flush color ( like pomegranate), in red beets, can burst into a juice concentrate that is a mixture of honey, citruses such as cherry, pineapple, or lemon. The mix racks up a concoction that releases nitrates in the form of a nitric oxide. The element is known beneficial to relaxing the blood vessels that work hand in hand with blood pressure. The circulatory body processes become immediate beneficiaries.

3. As a healthy candy- sliced into chips, or strips with spices added, you can mix table beets with caramel. They will flatter your beet sweet tooth chews. Minus the caramel, you can bake them in the oven then munched as healthy snack chips. When dehydrated, red beets can be coated with corn syrup or sugar reduction, air dried, hardened and consumed like dried apricots, mangoes or papayas. Akin to yam, you can also glaze and present them as another dessert. Upgrade your beet hack by using candied beet chips as morsel toppings for the regular baked chocolate cake.

4. Resplendent of a purplish red color, table beets can metamorphose a traditional red devil cake into an added notch. Pump up a display of purplish color in the new devil’ cake. How about a red purplish red devil cake? This bubbles down the use of commercial cake colors known to have an adverse influence to your health.

5. Ever fancied pickles away from the traditional pickled cucumber?. Then beets are your best choice. Water, salt or with sugar, pickled beets come as tasty and delectable side eaten with your favorite meat barbecue or simply for snacking.

6. Table beets can also be a dish bauble during Thanksgiving and the holidays when the flood of food shopping includes cranberries in all forms as a TURKEY accompaniment. You can jelly root beets to pass for a cranberry jelly dead ringer. The tart taste in cranberries and the earthy quality of red beets are the same challenges you will have in the jelly making. The infusion of spice, citrus, acids (vinegar) or sugar neutralizes the tastes in favor of a more savory bird compliment during the holidays.


How to hack that earthy taste of table beets

Some who kitchen fixes with root beets won’t like entertaining stained red almost purplish juice color that comes working with beets. Because root beets bleed while handling and cooking, you can hack the process easily. Abstain from cutting the roots. Spare about two inches of the stalks and leaves before boiling, steaming or roasting. They prevent bleeding that messes up your newly manicured nails, polished counters, and virgin colored towels that you use in the kitchen.


Red beets- supply and wanting

Blood turnips are cheap depending on the size. They can easily be grown as a container plant or via traditional backyard gardening. You can regrow them from their old stalks- the top part of the bulb. Cut the top leaving a thin slice of skin attached. Form new roots by soaking the cut portion in water enough to cover the base ( a thin slice of the skin atop the root crop). Maintain enough water but free the stalks from the soak to abort rotting. Roots will begin to regrow in 3 weeks or a month. They can be then transferred to pots or on the ground during cooler temps ( about January) ready for a full spring vegetable tending.




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