A Quest for Juicing Right-Promegranate Is It!


Pomegranate juicing is a top-notch detoxifying method with a real following in today’s healthy diet. As a berry, it was scattered on honeymoon floors for fertility and ancient building motifs for abundance. Presently, it is a star in the juicing juicing-for-health.com/basic-nutrition/healing-foods/. routine. Known as Punica Granatum (seedless apple) or grenade (to the French), it thrives well in the Himalayas, Mediterranean regions of Africa, Asia, and European strips.

Pomegranate Fruit Juice Zooms in

It tricks a tart taste likened to cranberry, cherries, a crunch of an apple, and a cross between raspberry and cherries. Pomegranate peddles as fresh fruit, powder, paste and pomegranate fruit juice. Modern day cuisine taps the fruit as a smoothie (powder), ice cream (frozen chunks), marinade and stew (paste), salad toppings, cocktail mix or as an everyday juice.

Nutritional Content:

The seeds enclosed in red- transparent- jewel-like coat (arils) and separated from the white sac compartments, are the most edible part. The tart, bitter- pungent sac, however, many fruit juicing buffs find beneficial. Pomegranate juice constitute antioxidants, flavonoids, dietary fibers, vitamin C, low sodium (salt) and cholesterol. The arils are high in unsaturated fatty acids. As a whole, pomegranate is sugar, 10% (glucose and fructose),85% water, and acids (citric and ascorbic) 1.5%. It has polyphenol, triple times that green tea and red wine noted for fighting cancer and heart diseases.

Pomegranate juicing begins

  • Seeds out:

For fruit juicing, pomegranate is washed thoroughly, then cut into halves. You take the seeds out by soaking in a water pouch. The sac loosens, seeds float while you crack them into parts. It prevents staining clothes and kitchen tops. You shouldn’t,t squeeze too hard as it releases a lot of the red liquid better saved for the juice extract. Similarly, curve the fruit into quarters and pick the seeds out into a bowl. Also, use a spoon or the palm of your hand to beat the skin and draw the seeds out,

  • Make pomegranate juice
  1. Tart, bitter – pungent like taste is a challenge. Drop the undesirable taste. Add, sugar, molasses, honey, agave (Aloe Vera) syrup or citrus fruit mixes (lemon, orange, lime).
  2. Enhance the flavor, macerate (draw liquid out) the seed, in sugar overnight. Mix water to the seeds in a juicer or a blender until it reaches a puree to a liquid consistency.
  3. Remove the pit from the seeds, run it through a cheese cloth or a sifter.
  4. Roll and press pomegranate like lemon or a lime underneath your palm until it turns soft. Enjoy the natural juice, sip directly through a straw.
  5. Make pomegranate juice as much as you like. The juice lasts up to eight months refrigerated. Or freeze into cubes and use them in your daily juicing.

The versatility of pomegranate juicing done manually or by a commercial juicer and the convenience of preparation and storage in large quantities in the refrigerator make pomegranate your juicing preference.


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