Hush! Kids Burst Their Bubbles Over a Santa Countdown

Santa Watch-I was a guard to a live wait for Santa’s coming since ( even before ) Christmas week. It was a homespun- in the Clubhouse where the kids have been faithful bystanders. Today’s watering hole is by the daycare and by the pool where they were warned not to hurl stones at.My afternoon stroll fortified one thing. The kids were outwardly assuring that Santa has been so hard to wait for. They spelled out what they had done in the wait. I acted as if I was looping at the lakeside where a view of a mangrove with artificial ducks that are seemingly swimming aimlessly, is a dazzling sight to behold. Yes, it was by the Pergola.

Interestingly, I did not drool over the witty childish tactic. Per their speech, this was what came up:

1. I remained on the chair where they say he usually uploads his bag hoping he would come up with a load. I pretended I didn’t want to tinker on  the Xbox in my room so when he bends over he recognizes me right away.

2. I would cheek on all the schedules he was supposed to be in, in case he answers, I pray that he would remember me.

3. I envisioned he would come up with his gift by pretending to be in a spiral of silence. I don’t want to conceal that I am in anticipation of a new game box; I might give him the thought that I could not wait.

4. I knew he would be somewhere. I have wished everyone Merry Xmas in the most thoughtful and moderate way so he’ll know I’ve been good.

Then they were silent. The activity person at the Clubhouse was running 1000 and 1 Dalmatians.With a smile, I ended my mile walk. Kids are kids. I wonder if they ever let down in the wait?

Disappointment is a lesson they should learn this early in life. When they grow older, the spirit of Santa will remain, with or without him showing up!


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