Why Clary Sage Should Stay on Your Table

Photo: Dreamstime

Did you know that pharmacological benefits of Clary Sage via alternative medicine is one of the most admirable studies that makes use of herbs and spices beside their high demand in the culinary world? Through the extraction of oil from its flowers and leaves, it proves to be effective in aromatherapy. With its medicinal attributes, the oil extract is beneficial in topical, oral and nasal preparations. Adding to the limitless possibilities are jugular, sub-lingual methods of use.It has manifested similar cure in Africa, Central America, the US and Mexico where it has a strong following.

Clary Sage as alternative cure

Shortlisted as one origin of the best sources of natural cures in the essential oil categories, it contains compounds that offer the best healthy alternative cure. High in Sclareol, (estrogen-like compound), it branches out into a multifaceted source of the best remedies for man’s common illnesses. Different from the ordinary sage leaves, it has purple, blush, white flowers and square stems. All these plant parts are mixed to come up with the oil extract potent enough to deliver therapeutic functions in aromatherapy.

Specifically, clary sage is indicated in the following conditions

  • Acts on circulatory disorders ( high blood pressure)
  • Lessens respiratory problems( asthma, flu, cold)
  • As a hallucinogen
  • Alleviates menstrual cramps
  • Effects like astringent
  • Controls strong emotions like stress, anxiety, fear
  • Tempers mood, and a dream enhancer
  • Induces euphoria
  • Reduces seizure attacks
  • Relieves upset stomach
  • Works on cold sores
  • Eases gum disorder likes gingivitis
  • Strengthens kidney
  • As calmer during delivery
  • Abates menopausal discomforts

Non-traditional approaches to Clary Sage has evidenced its ability to act as an aphrodisiac ( to enhance sexual potency), astringent and antiseptic. Clearly different from the ordinary sage leaves, another herb that holds promises of cure, Clary Sage, the US, South Africa, Central America now cultivate actively.

Clary Sage and its relation to other alternative cures

The assimilation of Clary Sage among patrons of the natural curative medicine is preempted by governments’ strict regulations (the Us and Canada in particular) on herbal medicine. The US is yet to enforce a universal approach to providing mass health care that has results into its use in staggering amount. A lot of the states’ laws fuel regulated health benefits. Primary is the cost that is proving beyond affordable digits. It triggered the popularity of alternative cure such as the use of clary sage.

Clary Sage that presents as a traditional herb for culinary use implicates to a high reception for the┬ánon-traditional approach to alternative medicine. As noted health care cost is rising way above what individual Americans can afford. It notwithstanding, one basic concern, however, is dictating. It is the issue of regulation that this alternative cure needs to undergo. A lot of herbs still filling the shelves in the stores. It proves to the benefits of alternative cure as far as consumers’ reception is concerned. doTerra believes in the tradition of research to ensure consumer safety. It has come up with newer products all naturally based in the tradition of educating consumers in the effective use of herbs via essential oil. It has no less also been used in conjunction with other oil extracts to boost its curative scion.

Clary Sage, with all its indications of alternative cure, consumers, are paying attention.


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