Global Works Travel Your Choice Your Summer

Global Works Travel is aware of the high school students’ love for adventure. Coupled with peerless ways to absorb and adapt to select cultures via language and cultural experience, Global Works Travel leads. It offers top rate choices in the international summer programs for high school students. It designs community services and adventures that fit culturally seeking, avid for learning high school teens from the US and other parts of the world. Curious about other people’s lives and ways, students are lucky to have the Global Works Travel as a partner with its highly reviewed international summer programs for high school students. There are sixteen trips specifically designed for high school students at Global Works Travel. They are further broken down into three categories such as cultural exchange, language immersion, and enrichment programs.Travel experience in Focus

A visit to three or five villages and communities are some of the features of the travel opportunities at Global Works Travel. The well- known international summer programs for high school students encourage the culture of adventure and travel that are both affordable and fulfilling. It assists high school students via discounted itineraries and financial assistance funding. Travel durations vary from a week to more than four weeks.
There are sixteen travel opportunities specifically designed for high school students at Global Works Travel. They are further broken down into categories. Among the programs made especially for the young adult learners in the high school are:

· Service Trips in Puerto Rico- to build homes in the beautiful outskirts of Villa del Rio is primary to this type of travel. Planned educational activities and community events follow. On the side is a taste of the rich culture of salsa dancing natives, a trip to the old city of San Juan, cruise a zip line, surf, swim or boogie board in the lounge of palm laden land recesses within the contours of the exotic island.

· Island Adventurer Puerto Rico– Environmental conservation is primary on this trip. It works on keeping the natural habitats of wildlife and fauna while underwater discovery is underway. The sea encounter will bring high school students to the beauty of the water deeps via the adventure of scuba diving.

· Fiji Island: Sulus, Sun, and Service- an immersion in a village culture sans cars stores are the basic challenge that this experience posts. The simplicity of communing people that brings the family group into the fold welcomes ( via the sevu-sevu ceremony) each of the participants. The island feel is undisturbed, and the experience turns one not ordinary,

· Costa Rica: La Pura Vida-community service, the adrenalin rush via zip line rides, a brush up on Spanish communication skills fused into a meaningful community service wraps up this summer trip. Don’t leave your heart in this heartwarming homes you will surely love to remember.

· Costa Rica- Soccer and Service- good at soccer skills and would like to share them? Costa Rica is where a great opportunity to do community service. In the rural areas of the island, afternoons heat up as the crowd cheers to your soccer versatility. While the spectators cheer on the side, you now know they are learning from your soccer moves.

· Costa Rica Surf and service– Take your surfing speed to Costa Rica with this summer experience. Explore the island beauty that beckons with deep blue waters and high waves that tones you high. The winds and waves as your surf your way back to the dry beach land taxes you at last! You see Costa Rica a place to feast your eyes on, no doubt.

· Galapagos Marine Service Adventure-Need a feel of the tropical islands not necessarily half way through the world? Go and explore. The bio-diversity speaks so much of the Andes Mountains, and the Galapagos islands are rare. Discovering the marine life will make you understand the inner beauty of the school of underneath water living things you never thought were a beauty.

Popular international summer programs for high school students shout outs

Learning to travel with people other than you, learning about the native people of Fiji Islands, a beautifully orchestrated routine and learning how to be good traveler are the most recent raves about the trips taken through Global Works Travel.
Pocket Costs:
Global works summer packages for high school students run from a week to 4 weeks depending on the type of experience so desired. Sample pricing for the highly reviewed international summer programs for high school students are as follows:


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