Naturally Africa Volunteers Go On A Medical Safari

Naturally Africa Volunteers (NAV)

Naturally Africa Volunteers founded in 2004 is one of the most reviewed international summer programs for high school students. It envisions projects that center on the environment and quality of life among African communities in the field of healthcare, education and conservation among a few.

Participants work on sustainable community projects meant for Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya South Arica, Malawi, Namibia. Volunteers load up on activities in connection with education, sports medical and healthcare and conservation projects. Off hand, school students see the sights of the African environment that can include climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain.,Zanzibar or go on a Safari ride.

Naturally Africa Volunteers makes a productive contribution to communities across Africa. In partaking in these various projects, high school students are exposed to a high caliber research that impacts the life of the communities.


The company ranks popular in international summer programs for high school students that run from 2-12 weeks. It centers on medical,- sports teaching, wildlife conservation and community outreach.Two of the reputed experiences follow:

South Africa Pre-vet Wildlife Volunteer Project, Chintsa, South Africa

This project encompasses the areas of wildlife and African game reserves, domestic animals in the village and live stocks in the farm. Activities dwell on veterinary science, animal management, and welfare. Animals like antelopes in the wildlife to domestic dogs in the African setting are attention drawers.Volunteers get a first-hand experience on immobilization and tranquilization of animals that are a threat to the wildlife. Capture nutrition, animal health and maintaining a diversified ecosystem through preservation becomes well. A hands-on work with SPCA provides a knowledge of caring for abandoned domesticated animals like dogs.

Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project

The project addresses the challenges posed by inadequate knowledge of home, wound, chronic diseases care, sanitation, HIV control, and palliative care. By supporting initiatives that improve conditions for people living in isolated communities, volunteers contribute in impacting upon health and wellbeing of the whole community. Specifically, the focus is on the isolated areas of Malawi, who have poor or no access to quality medical care.

Educating small groups of medical volunteers on training on homecare, sanitation, the spread of HIV, palliative care for those dying from chronic diseases are immediate volunteer tasks.Animal bites, road accidents can incur wounds that needed urgent attention. Sessions on wound care give basics on how to speed up healing without the consequences of infection.The malaria cases in Malawi contribute to a high death rate among ages 0-5-year-olds. By volunteering,high school participants help curb mortality rate in malaria-stricken infants.

Naturally Africa Shout Outs

The cases of wound that needed care and the sessions held to follow up on HIV cases in the community, all needed serious attention. The volunteers and staff turn to o each other for support. Team spirit at work is an asset that sits well for any high school student joining.

Sarah – Birmingham | December 14, 2015

Program Cost

For a week Malawi medical experience, a volunteer pays £925. It is inclusive of housing, airport pick-up /sendoff, and local transportation.Tuition does not pay for personal/medical insurance that is mandatory before the trip.


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