Greenheart Travel Goes Cruising Through Animal Safari Land

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Greenheart Travel Sets the Mark

The high school teens are lucky taking part in one of the best international summer programs for high school students via Greenheart Travel. It offers one of the most diversified international travel opportunities for students. Primarily vested in providing culturally centered programs that transform lives, advance careers, and output leaders, the company has a solid partnership with organizations and governments overseas.Greenheart Travel strengthens local communities through experiential learning and practical development.The provision for a positive travel exposure in exchange for fulfillment is never wanting in this well-reviewed program for high school students. A non-profit group that cornerstones on the environment, it comes out as a firm ground to shelter abandoned and extinct animals. It gives them a safe home. With the program, students highlight the advocacy on the use of carbon that affects changes in the environment.

 Greenheart Travel tailors modern international summer programs for high school students

Say adventure, Greenheart Travel has it as students stay focused on Animal Rescue in Costa Rica.Geared towards the protection of abandoned animals, it also attends to the illegal sale and trade of elephants.It Is a similar cause vigorously espoused by the trip to Sri Lanka.The dwindling population of elephants is alarming so that the need to feed, house and prepare the animals back to the wild are mandatory. An alternative means of livelihood that does not interfere with the elephants’ natural habitat defines this summer opportunity.While this reels on, weekends are occasions typically spent with the host family.Together, volunteer and host family explore local cuisine, music and a visit to a famous place in the community. Service and cultural immersion now combine to the fullest.

 A shout out for Greenheart Travel

Dedication among the veterinarians, caring to improve life for the animals until their release back to the wild coupled with the welcoming spirit of the host family gives this summer work the star marks from a new volunteer.

Analyzing Cost

Most trips last two weeks up to twelve weeks. The fee is inclusive of medical and emergency insurance. Greenheart Travel donates a portion of the fee to cover the carbon footprints of the project.–parque-nacional-addo.jpg?ver=6


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