Projects Abroad Sends Teens Help On Medical Needs

Projects Abroad

High school students, interns, travelers and professionals interested in volunteer opportunities in the fields of teaching, sports, and archaelogyy have a lot of projects to choose from in Dr. Peter Lowe’s Projects Abroad. Volunteer programs can be self-paid, or sponsor funded. Sponsored trips appear to be the most exciting of all the travel experiences. Participants come up with causes like marathons, walkathons that would raise money for their trip. The travel experiences center in Eastern Europe, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and the South Pacific

Founded in 1992, it now offers a couple of the best international summer programs for high school students. It lists over 10,000 high schoolers in 27 overseas volunteer sites yearly. The company banks on some opportunities from which high school students, professional, interns (to name a few) can consider. In the present list, some of the travel experiences designed specifically for high school students include Volunteer Abroad, High School Specials, AGlobal Gap Year and Language Courses. Most of the volunteer trips have been given media coverages from the USA TODAY, CNN, BBC, New York Times and Newsweek among others. It now comes true to the company’s mission of developing a cultural norm in volunteerism. With it, is the affordability of travel via, sponsorship, funding, school grants, local and international trusts or the normal fundraising events like car washing, mile walks sales, bake sales. community meals or dance nights. The experience varies depending on the projects a student chooses. If he chooses two projects in one destination, he gets a 10% discount on whichever is the cheapest.


High School Special: Public Health in the Philippines for Teens

High school students on the medical track can learn well in this high school student special that sets to visit the Bogo City of Cebu in the Philippines. High school teens get the exposure on healthcare in the emerging economic zones of the world. Basic health screening routines such as blood pressure, sugar monitoring, and exercise serve as a strategy to promote good health. Also, volunteers work with local doctors, health officials and nurses to reach out to a bigger community. In the partnership, high school students can take vital signs, or assist pharmacists in giving out of medications

In two weeks, the high schoolers live with the host family where an understanding of the local culture is more intense. On the weekends when the community mission is at rest, the host families assist volunteers to appreciate the local culture by showing them around. Exploring the small beautiful coral island of Capintacillo near Bogo is a local pride. It is a sanctuary to a school of protected marine animals on the island. The afternoons can be spent watching local boats on queue to the dive sites. A lighthouse soon reminds the volunteers to partake of the local cuisine featuring seafood and a roasted chicken.


Aside from the hands-on health screenings, the activities that the host family did with the participants give a lasting impact on the worth of the voluntarism experience in the Philippines.

Holly Gray

Program Cost

For a two week Public Health in the Philippines travel, expect to pay $2,970

• Care & Arabic in Morocco for Teens

Morocco may figure well among volunteer high school students under an English reading curriculum. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set in the place is a required reading piece. Hence, volunteer project in Morocco is surely a good choice. Students aged 16-19 give full-time hours to daycare centers with disadvantaged children ( mentally challenged). Volunteers play games and assist children in basic education.While volunteers do this, they have Arabic language immersion having to work with Arabic day care staff and other volunteers. It is an addition to the 20 hours formal Arabic language lessons and vital community projects lined up for the participants. The two- week schedule also includes learning the Moroccan artisan skill in the kitchen, market shopping and time with the family host creating Moroccan dinner food in the riad house. In the course of eating a local fish tagine, a Moroccan quartet comes and serenade the house with authentic Moroccan music. While all these are going on, the host family encourages students to speak Moroccan without let up As the program close comes to a close, volunteers hit the Moroccan side roads to Rabat, the capital city.
Project Cost

Most of the travels designed for students last for two weeks. They can extend to more weeks depending on the number of projects they want with their host countries. As noted, they will get the second choice cheaper via a 10% discount. Tickets are at $2,870 2 for 2 weeks volunteer activity.


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