Unboxing a Bargain Find-PROSCAN 8″ Dual Core Tablet

Sharing my bargain find. – PROSCAN 8″ Dual Core Table

The school is about to open. Tablets that are easy to carry and have dependable data storage are the best bet basic towards a choice of a brand. To keep up with America’s program of one computer per school child! Brands affordable enough run humungous in sales as the school year opens. The Pro Scan 8″ lCore Tablet presents quite an impressive:

  •  free as 2 free keyboard
  • Ghz processor
  • 512Mb DD3 RAM
  • multi- touch capable screen
  • front facing camera
  • wi-fi  .89.99, no tax

Features of A Dual Core Proscan 8″ Tablet

PROSCAN dual core tablet presents with an 8″ multi-touch life screen that runs on a 1 Ghz processor with 512 Mb DD3 RAM. Like any other android tablets that aspire to compete in the notebook-tablet market in features, it comes strong equipped with a built-in wi-fi plus a provision for an Ethernet LAN connection via the CRJ-45 cable adapter (not included).

What makes it a good catch in the sale buying spree is it includes a keyboard and a case which could slap more in price when bought individually. This too comes with a cable to connect a joystick for gaming, headphone and an SD card slot for additional storage. Pre – loaded apps make for easy navigation.To surf the net, users can use the touch screen or the keyboard.

The plus side of a Proscan 8″ gadget
On sale, no tax for 89.99$ at BIG LOTS ( a tax break until classes open in September in the US), it allows users to surf the net, play games, take photos, video Skype., create documents and notes. Like any other competing tablets, it is fashioned to be easy to tag along anywhere one wishes to go. With the pre-loaded apps, the gadget provides for a multi-internet computer experience.

The manual advises users to a ten-hour battery charging before initial use. This purchase, however, came with 100 % power pre-charged. An added bonus is its ability to take screenshots which can be programmed at different intervals.

An ANDROID, this can compete with an Apple product in features. Google Chrome, Google plus, an android browser., a front facing camera, a cable that allows for attaching external gadgets( which the apple products are hard to provide for) make for a cheap buying extension..Tiny as it is, the features are stuffed good enough for one to consider buying.

Navigating on an internet companion Proscan tablet
The box comes shiny and crisp, an invitation to a quick unboxing that is ready for a trial. With a 1GHz processor, it is a wait to complete a task including picking up wi-fi connections. The keyboard uses the arrows as the cursor with no provision for the back key to delete. A user has to switch from the keyboard arrow keys to the touch screen for this. Or, one can highlight words then click the X on the search screen via the touch screen.

Deleting search words then is very cumbersome having to switch from the keyboard to the touch screen. More so, when one uses this to create documents or notes, this function can be a challenge.

The video camera for a SKYPE video call appears blurry and slow to focus. Similarly, photos taken are of the ordinary cell phone shots in quality. As the apps were tried one after another, it didn’t take long to freeze. It fails to shut down, soon no other functions would work. This buyer had to run the frozen screen until battery wore out overnight. In the process, the back part of the tablet gets hot to touch. Fingers too didn’t take long to hurt trying both touch screen functions and keyboard buttons to work. Logging off was impossible. Used to the laptop quick clicks, this one is a bit boring.

One to consider in using this gadget is whether to run on just the touch screen or with the keyboard. For this to be user-friendly, this buyer suggests using the keyboard when a lot of data entry is needed and the touch screen when plain net surfing is aimed at. This spares one from having to deal with the nuances of the keyboard and touch screen functions. Black in color, the screen gets blots of fingerprints upon use like most other tablets and notebooks. For this notebook, s-l-o-w describes everything.
PROSCAN 8″ DUAL CORE TABLET is good for one (a student preferably) whose needs are for checking e-mails and simple internet browsing. It has the life screenshot function which makes it a cut above another similar gadget (NEXTBOOK) bought previously. Slim, light to carry, wi-fi/Ethernet connections, a cable for gaming extension, and a provision for video- Skype calls, this product is a good school or travel companion.
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