AROMA THERAPY- Flowers and the Elements of Cure

Flowers portray  significant roles in an approach to remind modern day medicine the human senses as robots of curative care. No small wonder then that most of those into AROMA THERAPY (use of oil extracts from flowers for their scent  to relieve symptoms) commercial selling  bandwagon  are nurses, doctors and physical therapists, all from the medical field.

The healing power of flowers through the olfactory nerves( sense of smell) is known to restore an equilibrium between the body, the ruling mind, and the upbeat spirit. Extending beyond the physical cure are the cognitive (mental) and affective (emotional) realms that have control over the triggers of body illnesses. These range from breathing problems,swelling of the joints, emotional behaviors dealing with anger, depression, self-control, unreasonable fear among others.

The charm of flowers is in the command they have to dabble on human feelings that cannot be elevated by superficial spirits. Some hope these are in alcoholic drinks, drugs, and worst narcotics that result to a temporary release. Like the  scientist, who has an eye for animal groupings hovering around  a bud in waiting is the  angle of natural parasitism . Beyond this, blooms recapture the spirit.They enthrone one into a pure content surpassing a fleeting moment of freedom from pain and discomfort. When the curative effects of flowers are fully exhausted, all the negative responses brought about by diseases and emotional imbalances hit positive energies that lead to satisfaction . Aroma therapy at this point reaches its optimum healing.


flowers and hearing

aroma therapy


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